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Friday 5th May   is our next meeting, come along and join us at 1.30pm we would love to welcome new members who may have new and exciting ideas to help raise funds for our childrens school.

It is vital that we have a P.T.A at our school otherwise the school may not have been able to buy the things that it has.
I know as a parent sometimes it is difficult when your children are constantly bringing home letters asking for money, but the money buys the educational materials that every child and every school needs such as white boards, carpets, for all the class rooms, a pond for the enviromental club, school trips, decorations for christmas dinners, Easter bonnet parade presents, money for each class at Christmas which is bought and then given from santa at secret santa and many other things.
 you may say to yourself some of the things we buy are not important but they all have a huge impact on your childs education.

Our aim within the next few weeks is to prepare for events such as our Annual Summer Fair, the children really seem to enjoy this event, but then this time of year is always very exciting to the children and this is why we do it.

 We really do need all the hands and ideas we can get to help raise more money for our childrens school!  so please try and come along and get involved if you have the time, if you are not able to attend the meetings this is ok too, just your helping hand on the day of events or running up to the event is enough.

Hope to see you there, any questions you can catch me on the school drive before or after school.


Jo Kirk (Chair)