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Our parents get together to organise the sessions, set out the play equipment, the craft activites and snacks.  

A new school year means we start afresh, we wish the children who have left us for nursery and school well and look forward to seeing each other again soon in Reception class. Our toddlers who are still with us seem to have shot up over the summer - must be all that rain!

If you would like to bring your favourite book and read the story at the end of the day, organise the craft or if you have hidden talents and would like to run an activity such as music or cooking one week, please put your name down on the sheet in the session.

Mrs Warrener from the school comes regularly to join our sessions; to help us and to play with the children, so that when they start school she has got to know them and they already see her as friendly face.
Picture 1 Vegetable body printing
Picture 2 Keeping Fit
Picture 3 Keeping Fit
Picture 4 Hoola Hoola!
Picture 5 Looping the hoops keeps our bodies fit
Picture 6 Shooting fit
Picture 7 Up up and away
Picture 8 The exercise gym
Picture 9 Making porridge
Picture 10 Who's been eating my porridge?
Picture 11 A house party
Picture 12 My home