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Thank you to our latest visitor Magical Movers, we had lots of fun dancing and signing and playing instruments.

Other visitors we have had are:-
Siobhan Drake who came to show us how to use baby signing and sang with us.

The speech and language therapist, the local community officer and our early years advisor. Mrs Hemmingray also visits regularly to help us paint pottery gifts.
Picture 1 Magical movers
Picture 2 Having fun
Picture 3 Parachute time
Picture 4 All shake the parachute
Picture 5 Cuddle for mum
Picture 6 Rocking around the Christmas clock
Picture 7 Take a bow
Picture 8 Mr Tambourine man
Picture 9 The guitar player
Picture 10 The next Suzie Quatro
Picture 11 Singing time
Picture 12 Sh quiet while we cool down
Picture 13 A relax afterwards
Picture 14 Under the parachute with Siobhan
Picture 15 Where are you?
Picture 16 Here we are
Picture 17 Siobhan shows us a parachute game
Picture 18 Oops!
Picture 19 Over or...
Picture 20 Under?
Picture 21 Meeting the community officers
Picture 22 Making pots
Picture 23 Looking good enough to eat
Picture 24 A footprint for posterity
Picture 25 Lending a hand
Picture 26 Mrs Smith concentrates on her work of art!!!
Picture 27 A little star!