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Welcome to Amazing Assisi's
 Awesome class page! 

 Friday 4th July 2014.

We have been very busy this week as we had our sports day, have been creating,composing and performing our own African soundscapes and also had the chance to have a tennis session with Phil, (a coach from Eastwood Tennis Club) on Friday. Check the out the photographs below!
Have a lovely weekend everyone
Mrs Kelly.

 Friday 27th June 2014. 

I hope you enjoyed your transition days this week children and are feeling excited about your move to year 5. We still have quite a few weeks left though so let's see who needs congratulating this week for their super work and manners.
First Joanna had not only caught the eye of the midday supervisors and received the lunchtime award, she is also always extremely kind, smiley and well-mannered so she received the Courtesy Award, as well as being a Star Writer - Wow! Jules, Keira and Emily were also Star Writers for their super WWI poetry that they did on poppy templates with Mrs Mucha. Caitlin caught Mr Harrison's eye and was awarded the Head Teacher's Good Work Award for her stunning progress in numeracy and literacy this year! Daniel had been working hard drawing triangles with specified angles and Rory was awarded the Good Work Award for the huge improvement in his independent writing skills.
As always children I am extremely proud of you all and wish you a very happy weekend. Remember there is no school on Monday as it is an INSET day!
Have Fun!
Mrs Kelly x

Friday 20th June 2014.

Happy weekend Assisi Class! I enjoyed all of this week with you; especially our 'Tea Morning'. For Big Writing this week we wrote instructions on how to make a cup of tea and the best way to start: Making a cuppa for ourselves. (Biscuits too - very tasty!)
Congratulations this week go to Nicole for her consistently courteous attitude, Ty for his amazing mental arithmetic skills and Lily. C. for her beautiful World War 1 art work. Star writers this week were Sam, Caitlin &Jules - but I could have chosen you all!
Another congratulations goes to all of the children in Years 3,4,5 & 6 for their fabulous athletic performances at District Sports this week - you've made us very proud children!
Happy weekend guys; it's gonna be a sunny one! Enjoy!
Mrs Kelly.

Friday 16th May 2014.

It looks like we are in for a super weekend children and this follows another super week in Assisi Class. In numeracy this week we have been creating 3D shapes and learning all about their properties. Our science work enabled us to go outside and investigate the wonderful habitats within our school grounds - we actually saw food chains in action! (Photos below). We had a lovely class liturgy and also a group of girls did a 'Jar of Hearts' presentation with some super preparation and singing.
In literacy we wrote letters to Beverley Naidoo (Journey to Jo'Burg author) and for their thoughtful letters bothEllie and Keira were our Star Writers this week. The MMS Award went to Jake this week for his accurate nets and 3D shape construction. The Good Work Award went to Lucy who has been trying really hard with joining her handwriting recently - keep it up Lucy! The Courtesy Award went to Naimh due to her consistently wonderful manners and exemplary behaviour - well done Niamh!
Anyway kids, have a lovely weekend and I'll see you next week when we have our Frankie and Benny's trip to look forward to!
Mrs K!

Friday 9th May.

Hi children and happy weekend! This week we have been measuring and drawing angles, learning African songs and working on our class novel: Journey to Jo'Burg; which you are all very passionate about. In art this week, we painted the most amazing African landscapes using watercolours, which are now on our Africa display. Mrs Muchaguided us through this expertly, so thank you to her! (Parents, you are more than welcome to come and have a look as they are stunning and something the children are extremely proud of!)

This week congratulations go to Bradley for his smiley, helpful and considerate personality, Ty for his sporting ability and Noori for his wonderful work in RE about St. Paul. Caitlin received the Maths Makes Sense Award for her accurate work on angles this week. Noah, Bradley and Caitlin won our Star Writer awards this week for their pigeon inspired stories and newspaper reports!
Well done to you all and I hope you have a lovely weekend!
See you on Monday
 Mrs Kelly. 

Friday 25th April.

Our 4 day week has passed really quickly and with our St. George's Day activities and play scripts, we've had a really busy week!
Congratulations go to Keira, Bradley and Joanna as they won the design a 'Onesie Competition' that Mr. Harrison launched on National Autism Day! The prizes were beautiful and very generous donations from Mrs Forsyth, so thank you to her also!
Annie and Caitlin got the Star Writer awards this week for going the extra mile with their homework. Sam has produced some super work this week especially in RE and therefore received the Good Work Award, well done Sam! Joanna got the Maths Makes Sense Award this week for her super, neat vertical addition and subtraction calculations. Daniel was also awarded this award by Mrs Richmond, as he completed lots of calculations in a super speedy time today! Our Courtesy Award this week went to Ty, who could get this award every week as his manners are fantastic!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I look forward to starting our new topic about Africa next week!
Mrs Kelly!

Easter Holidays! 

Hi children, I hope you are having a fantastic break and enjoying the sunny dry weather.
Both myself and all of the Year 3 & 4 staff want to say a massive congratulations to you all for a totally superb week of Easter performances.
Your singing, acting, costumes and behaviour were extremely impressive and made us all proud and a little tearful in parts.
The photographs of the performance are on the 'Gallery' section of the website so that everyone can see them!
Well done again you little super stars!!
Happy hols!
Mrs K!

Our Roman Trip!

Well done on a fantastic day Assisi! The sun shone, we defended the fort, defeated the Celts, made Roman oil lamps, wrote in Latin and learned lots about Roman life in a fort; not to mention behaving brilliantly and saving our battle equipment from Murphy the goat!

Check out the photographs of our day below and tell your parents all about our awesome day! Watch out for our PowerPoint presentations on our class page after Easter; filling you in on all we learned and did!

Well done children, see you in the morning!

Friday 28th March.

Crikey, haven't we been busy this week! Our Easter production "Good News" is nearly ready for public viewing and is going to be brilliant! The singing is fantastic and some of the songs have left the teachers teary eyed!
We also had Father Berry into our class this week to do Mass for the Feast of the Annunciation of Mary. Some of the parents came to join us and it proved to be really special (see pics below).
Congratulations this week went to:
Sophie: Star Writer this week because of the thoughtful verse she wrote in her Mother's Day card!
William: Good Work Award for his amazing singing in rehearsals - wow!
Jake: He got the Courtesy Award for his super helpful attitude this week!
Noori and Joanna: They were awarded the Sportsperson of the week awards from Mr Cannon.
Elizabeth: She received our MMS Award for her beautiful and accurate work on area and perimeter this week!
Well done to everyone. I could have given you all the Good Work Awards this week for your wonderful behaviour in Mass and your super effort with our Easter Production: You really are all a delight to work with!
Don't forget to check the weather before our Roman Trip on Monday and enjoy your sunny weekend.
See you soon
Mrs K!

Friday 21st March.

Hasn't today been great children? You all looked fantastic in your sportswear and we had lots of fun in our classroom Olympic sessions, where you listened carefully, smiled lots and tried your very best. Some of you were incredibly helpful in setting up the activities and were awesome with a stopwatch!
Congratulations this week go to:
Sam, Jules and Annie for their superb science week writing - Star Writers!
It was a great week for Jules as he was also noticed by Mr Harrison for some impressive work in PE this week.
Lucy received our Courtesy Award for her super smiles and exemplary manners all of the time!
TY received the Good Work Award for his hard work in his rehearsals for our Easter production.
William won the Maths Makes Sense award this week for his fantastic mental arithmetic skills especially with decimal numbers making 10 and 100!
I hope you enjoy watching the Sport Relief coverage on the TV and have a great weekend!
Mrs Kelly.

Friday 14th March.

Thank you for a really lovely week children, our work on play scripts has been really entertaining! Not only have we learned lots about the structure of play
scripts, but your performances of them were fantastic and we saw a side to some of you that isn't often seen!
Congratulations this week go to:
Annie, Joanna, Sam and Rory for their fantastic class liturgy; their PowerPoint was really thoughtful and added an extra dimension to our class worship. (They got the Good Work Award). Lucy Head was spotted using stage directions brilliantly by Mr Harrison during this lesson, and received the Head Teacher's Good Work Award! Dominikreceived the Courtesy Award this week for his courteous attitude this week - well done and keep it up Dominik!
Our Star Writer this week was Ellie, for her colourful, fact-filled poster about Ash Wednesday and Lent. Well done to you, I was really impressed and it now looks great on our Lent display!
Euan received the MMS Award this week for persevering and mastering the art of using compasses to draw circles.
I hope you all have a really lovely weekend in the sunshine and find time to show your parents the hop-scotching skills and floor patterns we learned in PE this week. Well done to Annie for getting our Sportsperson of the week award too!
See you Monday for Science and Engineering Week and some super 'Mad Science' fun!!
 Mrs Kelly. 

Friday 7th March

Well done on another great week children, the rehearsals are underway for our Easter production and we had lots of fun on World Book Day!
Congratulations this week went to:
Annie, who got the Good Work Award for her work in general which is consistently wonderful!
Emily received the Courtesy Award for being our little ray of sunshine, who always has a smile and a sunny disposition.
Danny received our Maths Makes Sense Award for his brilliant mental arithmetic skills today too!
Star writers went to Sam and Lucy who produced the best pieces of work yet in year 4!
Annie also received star writer award for her letter to Mrs. Leatherland, our class governor, as it was beautifully written and had made Mrs Kelly and Mrs Mucha very teary!
Have a really lovely weekend children, I hear the weather is going to be fab!
(Please check out the photographs from World Book Day below!)

Friday 28th February.

We've had a great first week back children and our class assembly was fantastic. You were all loud, clear and very entertaining and taught the rest of school lots about the Roman!
In science this week we have been investigating which types of food melt the fastest. See our photographs below to see what we did.
Your poems in our big writing session were amazing today children. You used some really imaginative language and were really inspired by the pictures and film clips we watched.
Congratulations this week go to: Caitlin, Nicole and Niamh as Star Writers. It was very tricky to choose star writers this week as all of your poems were fantastic - Danny even sang his!
The MMS award was given to Nicole (having a good week for awards), as her work with multiplying using the grid method was really accurate and neatly presented.
The Courtesy Award this week was given to Rory, because his behaviour and manners are always spot on! Well done Rory!
The Good work award went to Jules for his work in maths. His book is an absolute delight to mark and he has put in a great amount of effort this week!
Our photography competition entries are now displayed on the wall outside the year 3 and 4 classrooms. They are an absolute delight to see and you are most welcome to pop in and have a look - I'm sure the children will tell you all about them!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Kelly.

 Friday 14th February 

Noah, Jake and Jules were our star writers this week, well done boys; keep up the hard work and meet those targets!
Our Good Work Award was given to Nicole this week as her work is always really well presented!
William got the Courtesy Award this week as he loves learning and is always polite and well-mannered.
Joanna received the MMS award this week as she is always eager to learn and does lots of extra maths in her own time!

I wish you all a really happy and relaxing half
term - you never know, we may even get some snow!
See you soon
Mrs Kelly.

Friday 7th February 2014.

Well done on a fantastic week children, you have worked incredibly hard on your moving toys and used the CAMs effectively to make the different parts move. Your finished products were definitely something to be proud of and I hope your parents were impressed!
Congratulations also go to:
Keira and Lilly for their ingenuity and creativity with their moving toys. (Check out photos below!)
Joshua was incredibly helpful during art this week and helped with tidying without even being asked; every classroom definitely needs a Joshua.
Our Maths Makes Sense superstar was Charlie, due to his determination to carry on when things are tricky!
For Star Writers this week, I decided that all of Assisi class should share their posters for 'Ramp up the Red Day,' as they were so fantastic; full of facts, advice, snappy slogans and carefully illustrated.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Friday 24th January 2013.

Hi guys, well done on a really fab week. You have all been working hard on your Rotten Romans non-chronological reports and they look great on our display!
Congratulations this week go to:
Noah - for his fantastic mental arithmetic skills.
Joanna & Daniel -for their super writing in history about what they would need to survive in a new settlement.
Caitlin - for her consistently wonderful manners and sunny disposition.
Joel - He received the good work award for the effort he has made to complete his work with a really poorly wrist!
See you all on Monday for another super Assisi week!
Mrs Kelly.

Friday 29th November 2013.

Well done children on another really enjoyable week in Assisi class. Our assembly rehearsals have been great so far and your enthusiasm for our ‘Sing for Santa’ song is fantastic!
You have all worked incredibly hard this week but the following people have really caught my eye.
James Hamilton received our Maths Makes Sense award this week, because he always makes valuable contributions to our maths sessions! Well done James.
Lily Cunningham was awarded the Courtesy Award this week as she is always so very helpful and I don’t know what I would do without her to organise me!
The Good Work award went to Dominik this week due to his much improved effort with his school and homework – super stuff Dominik, keep it up!
Elizabeth received a maths make sense award from Mrs Richmond this week for her awesome work and progress with coordinates work! Well done Lizzie, a well-deserved award!
There were quite a lot of star writers this week and all for their super time machine explanation work. Lucy Roberts, Lucy Head, Noah and Caitlin all produced super ppieces of writing, using the features of the text and some impressive language choices to explain how their time machine would work.
Hope next week is just as much fun children.


Tuesday 3red Dec – our assembly at 2.50pm. (We’d love to see you there!)
Wednesday 4the Dec – non-school uniform day – bring a chocolate bar!
Friday 6the Dec – Whole school Christmas activity day!

See you on Monday folks – Learn those lines!!!!
Mrs Kelly.

 Friday 22nd November 2013. 

Well Assisi class, another week has flown by and this week we have really been developing our understanding of apostrophes, commas and Advent in RE. I've just been to buy a lovely Christmas tree for our classroom - only 8 days until we can put it up!!!! 
Congratulations this week go to everyone for working so hard! The following children received awards in this week's Celebration Assembly!
William received the Head teacher's Good Work Award for the amazing progress with his handwriting and spelling. The Maths Makes Sense Award was given to Charlie Ramsden for his mature and positive attitude towards his learning in Maths - what a little star! Lilly was presented with the Courtesy Award for her marvellous manners and extremely helpful nature - well done Lilly! Noah was the recipient of the Good Work Award for his fantastically detailed report all about Advent. Our Star writer this week was Rory for his wonderful punctuation and sentence work - Well done Rory!
Thank you for such a lovely week children - have a super weekend and I hope the sun shines for you all!
Love Mrs Kelly.

OOh! remember our class assembly on 3rd December!

Friday 15th November 2013.

What a tasty week we have had children; with our super sandwich making and instruction following! See if you can see your sandwich masterpieces in the gallery of photos below.
Congratulations this week go to Sam Roe who received our Good work award for the amazing Cam homework he produced about moving toys! Noori received our courtesy award this week for his exemplary manners and his wonderful smile; which we see lots of every day! Jake received our MMS Award this week for his extremely accurate angle construction work - well done Jake.
Our star writers this week were: Lucy .R. Ellie. P. and Caitlin for their Mysterious City writing.Caitlin's opening to her story was really effective and hooked me into wanting to read more! Lucytried really hard to include dialogue in her work and Ellie made some fantastic vocabulary choices. I was really impressed girls, well done!
See you all Monday children!
Mrs Kelly.

Friday 8th November 2013.

Wow children what a wonderful week we have had! The Autumn Watch theme has definitely captured your imagination; with your art and literacy work being wonderful! The autumn watch fun doesn’t end there children, as next week we will be looking at writing instructions and making hedgehog homes – doesn’t get much better than that children! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for lovely autumn sunshine!
Congratulations this week go to Annie, Lucy. F. and Nicole for the super autumnal images they created in their poems. Your use of verbs, adjectives and similes were fantastic! Well done ladies!
Dylan Baker (Year 3) received the MMS Award this week as his mental Arithmetic skills and scores are improving week on week – top job Dylan, I’m really impressed!
The Courtesy Award this week was given to Alana as she has been really caring and kind this week – keep it up Alana, its great!
Danny was our Good Work Award winner this week, as his poem was lovingly written and was more of a song; which Danny performed bravely and thoughtfully to the whole class – what a little super star!
Remember your instruction homework needs to be in school on Monday and the rest on Wednesday.
Have a lovely weekend and I may see some of you at the Parish Christmas Fair on Saturday!
Mrs Kelly.

Autumn Watch Week.
We have started our autumn watch week today and have been out and about around school looking for signs of autumn. We found lots of exciting things and even saw a grey squirrel jumping athletically from tree to tree! Check out our photographs below!
And the results are in . . . 

The end of the first Autumn Term sees the Assisi House Point award ceremony!

St John Houghton House were the overall winners with a total of 85 points. Well done to you guys!
Taking the top 3 positions in class were: 
Ty - 1st place, 
William - 2nd place
Jules - 3rd place.
Prizes and certificates on their way guys, well done!
I wonder who will win this half term?
Remember 1 raffle ticket = 1 House Point!
Watch this space . . .

 Friday 11th October 2013. 

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend despite the weather.
Congratulations this week went to:
Jules, Lucy. R and Elizabeth for their fantastic big writing about the adventure they had when they fell into a piece of Pavement Art just like the characters in Mary Poppins.
James received the Good Work Award for always working incredibly hard!
Daniel received the Courtesy Award because he is always kind, caring and friendly to everyone he meets!
Lucy .F. was our Maths Makes Sense Award winner this week as week on week she astounds Mrs Kelly with her mental arithmetic skills! 
Rory was chosen to be our special person this week and you all suggested some very entertaining reasons why we're lucky to have him in our class. Well done Rory, I certainly have a lot to write about!

Well done to you all though, for another hard working, smiley week.
See you all on Monday, when the rain may have stopped!
Have fun! Mrs K!

Ooh, remember your homework for Mr Ward on Monday, about when you have been chosen to do things throughout the week. (Mon - Fri).

 Sunday 6th October 2013.

Hiya children, hope you're all enjoying the weekend sunshine!
We've had another really hardworking week and congratulations in Celebration Assembly this week went toElizabeth Tomkins who received the Courtesy Award due to her hardworking personality and exemplary manners!Maddison from my maths group, received the Maths Makes Sense Award for always giving 100% in Numeracy! The good work award went to Bradley, who, just like Maddison always tries hard and produces his very best work.Joanna was our Special Person and we all gave lots of reasons as to why we are lucky to have her in our class! She will get her certificate on Monday! Well done Joanna!

See you tomorrow troops!
 Mrs Kelly x 

Sunday 29th September 2013.

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good weekend. What a week we had last week, we were developing our times table and mental arithmetic skills in maths, learning all about how to use adjectives and similes in our writing in Literacy and some awesome Autumn descriptions in big writing. It is for their fantastic writing that both Caitlin & Rory were our Star Writers! Sam was awarded our Courtesy award for being extremely helpful in games; he was the score keeper and games controller and did an amazing job! Emily's artistic skills and thoughtful nature were displayed beautifully with her work on emotions and feelings this week - I really was impressed! 
Assisi's special person this week was Noah and I have his certificate already for Monday to go on our display.

See you all tomorrow children for another wonderful week in Assisi Class!
Mrs K.

Saturday 21st September 2013.

Another fantastic week Assisi class and a cracking camp last night. Congratulations go to all of the children involved in the camp due to your exceptional behaviour and super team work! The weather was lovely and warm and your singing around the camp-fire and night walk with your torches were fantastic!
The camp wouldn't have been such a super success without all of the parents who came to help us put up and take down the tents and even provided us with a porta-pottie and tent!
Mrs Moucha, Mrs Brough, Mrs Taylor and Mr Kelly also gave up their Friday night to make our camp as special as it was; so a MASSIVE thank you to you all!

Check out the photographs below just to see what a fabulous time we had!

See you all on Monday
Mrs Kelly.

Sunday 15th September 2013.
scracking on with your homework for Wednesday. We've had another super week together and a big thank you goes to Mr. Butler who came into school to show us his slide show of pictures of our school 50 years ago! Some of us even knew people in the pictures!

Congratulations this week go to:

Daniel Thompson who was spotted by Mr Harrison working really hard and also Mrs Richmond in Maths Makes Sense; keep up the hard work Daniel, we're all really impressed! 
Noah received the Maths Makes Sense award from me this week due to his consistently super attitude towards numeracy and also some top-notch work with an odd and even investigation.
Joanna received the Good Work award this week as her work in class is always thoughtful and beautifully presented. She also completed lots of extra homework about how coal was formed too - very impressive Joanna!
Niamh was awarded the Star Writer title this week, as her recount of her summer holiday in Northumberland was exciting to read and really accurate - definite year 4 standard Niamh, very well done!

All of you need congratulating this week though due to the way you have all settled into the new routines of Year 4! Keep up the hard work and super behaviour next week.

Only 5 more sleeps until camp! 
Can't wait!
See you all tomorrow
Mrs K.

 Friday 6th September 2013. 

Well year 4, we've completed our first week of the Autumn Term and what a few days it has been! We had our super sunny Golden Anniversary Mass and have been working really hard and having fun in the classroom.
We have some incredibly exciting times ahead with our trip to Beauvale Priory on Tuesday (10th Sept) and our exciting Camping Experience on the 20th!
You've received your first few pieces of homework too, with spellings and a tables grid for Wednesday and your family tree work for Monday. Don't forget to record any reading you down in your home/school diaries too!
Have a lovely weekend everyone and I'll see you all on Monday - Don't forget consent forms for Beauvale Priory and the camp!

Cheerio guys, Mrs Kelly!

Hi Year 4!
I hope you've had a fantastic holiday and are ready and raring to get back to school.
Can't wait to see you all on Wednesday,
Until then . . . Mrs Kelly.