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Welcome to Awesome Assisi's Class Page!

On these pages you will be able to read all about what we have been doing and see the photographic evidence of our antics too!  Enjoy!


Meet the Assisi Team!

Friday 6th May 2016.


Happy weekend children, what a lovely sunny week we have had!  This week has been really eventful with a visit from Mr Timby on Thursday morning;  where we learned all about the second poorest country in the world - Burkina Faso. We were able to try on authentic African Clothing and see amazing toys made by children from recycled materials. (See photographs below).

We also celebrated the fact that we raised the most money as a class for the 'Make A Splash Campaign' for CAFOD during Lent. We made the most of the wonderful weather by having a picnic and play at Coronation Park, Luke's mum arrived with ice lollies for us all - so a big thank you to her!! (See photos below).

Congratulations this week went to Jaydan for his super adventure story that was packed with fronted adverbials and direct speech!

Thomas received our Academy Mission Award for completing his work so readily and happily over the last few weeks, we're all incredibly proud of him!

Leya received the Good Work Award for her determination and wonderful effort in completing all of her work and proof reading to improve punctuation!  Well done Leya!

Gracie was given the Maths Makes Sense Award by Miss Blackburn for her super skills at working out percentages and Sophie received Mr Dosh's Academy Mission Award for her thoughtful contributions towards their collective worship session.

Well done to everyone for a super afternoon at the park and great work this week too!

Have a lovely warm weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

See you all on Monday

Mrs K  surprise

Assisi Class at Coronation Park!

Friday 29th April 2016.


Hello and happy LONG weekend children!  You certainly do deserve a rest this weekend, as you've all been working your socks off this week.  Our art work is really coming on well and you've worked skilfully in the style of Monet to produce landscapes to accompany our African sunsets.  The classroom looks wonderful with all of your masterpieces displayed!  Big writing was also great today with some super-exciting stories about our trips 'Mary Poppins style' into pavement pictures; I've loved reading them!

Special congratulations this week go to Chloe and Jaydan initially, as they were awarded the Mathematician awards this week by their maths teachers  - well done guys, seems like I'm not the only one you've been impressing this week!

Max P has been spotted by 4 members of staff this week, showing us what a wonderful young man he is!  So kind and caring towards other children in our class, what a super star!!!  Max was awarded the Academy Mission Award - top job Max!

Lilia's story today was amazing. Packed with fronted adverbials and with two whole pages of really imaginative ideas to read, it was a real treat!  Keep it up Lilia!  You certainly deserved the Star Writer Award.

Anyway children, have a great weekend, see you all on Tuesday!

Cheerio, Mrs K. no




Our African Landscapes - water colour masterpieces!

Friday 11th March 2016.


Hello Assisi Class and happy weekend to you all!  It's been another busy week in our class, starting with our Roman Day on Tuesday, where we met Rufus and spent the day all dressed up; learning about Roman life.  (Check out the pictures in the slide show below).

We also allocated all of the parts for our Easter production this week and have started practising our lines ready for our performance in a few weeks time.  I can't wait!!

Congratulations this week go to those of you actors and actresses who know your lines already,  and also:

Euan, Archie, Max and Max who received the Good Work award for delivering the most lovely class Liturgy today.  Well done boys, we all really enjoyed it and well done to everyone, your singing was wonderful!

Isabel received the Academy Mission Award for her consistently good manners, brilliant behaviour and sunny, cheery attitude!

The Star Writer Award was given to James this week for his thoughtful and poignant sorry prayer that were writing as part out our work on the Penitential Rite in RE.

Leya was given our Mathematician award for absolutely knocking our socks off with her explanation of a pie chart in maths on Thursday - very impressive Leya, well done!

Luke was spotted by Mr Cannon this week for his hard work and super sportsmanship in games this week - fab job Luke!

Anyway, enjoy the sunshine we've been promised this weekend, learn those lines and I'll see you all bright and full of energy on Monday!


Cheerio, Mrs Kelly frown



Friday 26th February 2016.


Happy weekend children!  What a lovely sunny week it has been and what an amazing job you did performing our Roman assembly to the school on Thursday - your singing and acting were brilliant! We really are incredibly proud of you all - and I didn't mess up the songs and sound effects! (bonus!)


Congratulations therefore go to you all for a truly memorable assembly and to a few other Assisi people who caught my eye this week!


Max B was awarded the Good Work Award this week for producing some super pieces of writing in RE and Big Writing - Super job Max!

Mason received the Academy Mission Award this week, for being a true gentleman!  He is a very caring and considerate member of our class, who wowed me by offering me his coat when I was cold - what a super star!!  A warm teacher is a very happy teacher Mason!

Grace received the Sportsperson Award this week, Mr Cannon spotted her! Keep it up Grace!

Luke B and Leonardo were our Star writers this week, their descriptions of Gangsta Granny were wonderful.  Both boys tried really hard with their handwriting and included lots of expanded noun phrases.  Nice work chaps!

Enjoy the weekend children and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!!

Mrs K :)




Friday 12th February 2016.


Hi there everyone and happy half term!


Congratulations this week go to:

Archie and Max K.  Miss Shaw gave you two boys the Good Work Award this week for your excellent Internet Safety Poster that you made together on the computers. It had some super advice about how to stay safe on line - well done boys!

Alexa was our Star Writer for her brilliant persuasive writing for her sponge-on-a-stick advertisement! Well done you!

Sports Awards this week went to the children in KS2 who represented Priory in the swimming gala this week - you were all amazing and we are very proud of you!


Have a lovely half term break everyone - remember to learn your lines and song words for our assembly on Thursday and have fun too!


See you soon, Mrs Kelly :)

Friday 5th February!


Wow children, what a week we have had.  We have started the rehearsals for our adverts for Sponge-On-A-Stick and your persuasive writing linked with this has been accurate, imaginative and highly amusing! Mr Harrison and Mrs grimes were really impressed with you all, when they came to watch our lesson on Wednesday morning - so well done to you all.


Our afternoon with  Olympic swimmer - Joe Roebuck was fantastic today! You all tried incredibly hard with the exercises and asked some great questions in the assembly at the end of the day.


See the photos under here for a recap of our exciting afternoon!


Have a lovely weekend children and have a look at your lines for our Roman assembly as we are going to begin practising next week.


See you on Monday

Mrs Kelly :)

5.02.16 Olympic fun with Joe Roebuck!

Friday 28th January 2016


This week saw us warmly welcome Miss Shaw, a second year teaching student, who will be part of the Assisi Class team until Easter. In topic this week we learned all about Roman roads and began to learn the songs for our Roman's assembly - coming soon!

we also had a great time in Big Writing, where we made a cup of tea (with biscuits) and then wrote instructions on how we did it!  Followed by a great Roman dance session in the afternoon, it was a lovely end to the week! no

(See below for photos of our tea making!!)


Congratulations this week go to: Gracie who received the Good Work Award for her super scientific explanations when she was describing how electrical currents are created, her poster was detailed and accurate!

Katie-May received the Academy Mission Awards for her wonderful manners and hard working attitude - keep it up Katie-May. Well done.

Another well done goes to Gabriel!  He received the Maths Makes Sense Award for his improved work rate and super attitude in maths sessions this week - long may it continue Gabriel!!

Star Writer went to Luke for his excellent instructions on how to make a cup of tea!  His tea did look tasty too!


Have a lovely, restful weekend children, you deserve it!  Don't forget those sponsors as Joe Roebuck is in next Friday!!

See you Monday

Mrs Kelly frown

Writing Instructions - Cuppa and a biscuit anyone?

This Week's Talk Homework - Wednesday 20th January 2016

Friday 22nd January 2016.


Hi there everyone and happy weekend!  We've had lots of fun this week; starting with finding out that Joe Roebuck - Olympic swimmer, is coming to visit our school and work with us on February 5th!  This has formed part of our Big Writing Session and PE lessons this week. We've all been practising our exercises and you are ALL so much more athletic than I am!!  Well done!!

Congratulations  this week have been officially given to Max and Luke for their super letters to Joe Roebuck - they were given the Star Writer Awards - nice one boys!

Chloe received our Good Work Award for her brilliant effort with all of her work this week, not to mention some beautiful handwriting too!

Mrs D'sa spotted Lilly-Mai at the pool this week and gave her our classes sports award - very impressive Lilly-Mai!

Lilia received our Academy Mission Award this week for being the lovely all-rounder that she is!  We're really proud of you Lilia - keep it up!

Anyway, keep collecting those sponsors and remember to have some fun this weekend!

See you all Monday

Mrs Kelly :)


The Music teachers working with your children have asked if we could share this track with you! They thought it would be great to listen to; therefore your children can get used to the melody and beat and can even practice to it!

laugh   Friday 15th January 2016   laugh


This week was our first full week back to school in 2016 and we started it with a fantastic visit up to church, where you were all able to explore the building and produce some amazing sketches of objects and areas in the church.  On returning to school we used water colour pencils and paints to add detail to our sketches. They look amazing children!  Well done!

It was incredibly hard to choose, as you all worked so hard, but Gabriel, Alexa and Edie received Good Work Awards for their works of art; which were detailed, intricate and showed a super use of colour. 

Grace was spotted this week by Mr Ward for her super numeracy work and for this reason, she received our Maths Makes Sense Award - well done Grace!

We also wrote stories about a Roman soldier and his encounter with a bear in the forest.  Max's ideas for his story were original and very entertaining and won him the Star Writer Award. Mason's opening paragraph for his story was fantastic and sounded like a film trailer, he was one of our Star Writers too! Very well done boys!

Luke really impressed Mrs D'Sa with his swimming this week and became our first Sportsperson of the week for 2016!  Well done Luke! 

Our Academy Mission Award was given to Jack, who has wonderful manners and is an excellent friend to all he meets - fab Jack!


Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday - stay warm!

Mrs K :)


Friday 18th December 2015.


Ho, Ho, Ho and a very merry Christmas to you all!  Congratulations go to us all today as we've successfully completed our first whole term together; and what a fabulous one it has been. Our shelters in DT were all expertly made and thankfully, Reggie and Bollie remained unharmed!

We've had a great day today, your singing in Mass this morning was beautiful. You continued in good voice when we were singing for Santa this afternoon too!

This evening, I posted our entries for the Nation's Decorations to CBBC, so keep your eyes peeled over the Christmas holidays for any of our artwork being shown live on TV by Hacker or Dodge!

We look forward to our new topic after Christmas all about the Romans.  There is a copy of the homework sheet below where you can record your research, or to use as a guide if you are presenting your work in an other way.

Feel free to have a look at our photos of Christmas party day and our Nation's Decorations entries, they follow this blog.


Mrs Mucha, Mrs Giddens and myself, wish you all an absolutely wonderful Christmas, we hope Santa is generous and remember that little prayer or thought for Jesus on his birthday!

Happy Christmas

Love Mrs K :) 




Christmas Dinner and Party Day 2015!

Our entries for the Nation's Decorations - CBBC

Friday 4th December 2015.


Happy weekend children, well done on an extremely busy week!  We have been working hard, testing materials and structures for our DT shelters challenge; practising and performing our Christmas in the Trenches' play for the Greasley Light Switch on.  We have had some awesome feedback from the people who organised the event, and they were just as impressed ,as we are with you all!


Further congratulations this week go to:


Charlotte, who Mrs Harrison gave his Good Work Award to, for the dedication she showed to her role as Granddad in our play.

Lilly-Mai received our Academy Mission award for her helpful nature and super manners this week!  Well done Lilly-Mai.

Gracie was our Star Writer this week, for her lovely word choices and thoughtful phrases in her travel writing about Scandinavia.


Well done to everyone. See you on Monday!!

Mrs Kelly.

Pipes of Peace

Still image for this video
Hope you find this useful when you are learning the songs for our Christmas Performance for the Greasley light switch on! You sounded fabulous today!!

Friday 27th November 2015.


Happy weekend everyone!  Another fab week in Assisi class, saw us cracking on with our rehearsals for our 'Christmas in the Trenches' performance at the Greasley Light Switch-on (Thursday 3rd Dec).  The singing is fantastic children, and there are already many of you who already know your lines off by heart - well done and keep up the good work!


Congratulations this week go to Edie, Isabel and Lilia, as they became our star writers!  Their writing for the 'Tiny traveller Magazine' about Scandinavia was fabulous. The girls used lots of persuasive phrases and their descriptive language was fantastic!

Luke received our Academy Mission Award for his wonderful manners and kind and caring nature - you are such a super member of our class Luke and live out our Mission Statement every day!

The Good Work Award this week was given to Katie-May for her super effort in Literacy and Big Writing. She always strives to use exciting vocabulary in her writing and is making good progress!

Mr Cannon also spotted Katie-May for her super sportsperson skills in PE this week - so keep up the hard work Katie-May, we're all really impressed!

Congratulations also go to Jack for his amazing Christmas art work, that won him the chance to turn on the lights at the Greasley Christmas Lights switch on, next Thursday - Wow and well done!

Our Special Person this week was Chloe and the children came up with many reasons why we are lucky to have Chloe in our class!  A very well-deserving winner Chloe!


Have a lovely weekend children and don't forget to learn your lines and song words for our 'Christmas in the Trenches' performance and have a read though your lines for our class mass which is on Monday afternoon (30th Nov at 1pm).


See you Monday!!

Mrs Kelly.  smiley



Mog's Christmas Calamity!

Still image for this video
For Big writing this week, we will be writing a newspaper report all about Mog's adventures! I can't wait to hear your super ideas for headlines and eye-witness reports!

Friday 13th November 2015.


Happy weekend everyone! You really do deserve a good rest this weekend following all of your hard work writing Haikus and Cinquain poetry this week. The images you created with words and syllables has been brilliant, so a big well done to you all!

We also had our moving Remembrance Service in school this week, thank you to you all for reading, singing and observing the solemnity of the service so well. 

Congratulations this week also go to:

Star Writer Mason - For his wonderful Cinquain about Autumn.  Lilia also received the Star Writer Award for her Autumnal Haiku.  Well done to both of you!

Academy Mission Award Winner - Grace, for living out our mission statement every single day and having wonderful manners.

Good Work Award winner - Gabriel.  For having a super growth mind-set; producing lots of work and trying his best this last few weeks!  Keep it up - don't give up Gabriel!

Special Person - Ruby was chosen as our special person this week and a very deserving winner but the amount of wonderful things that were said about her on Friday!  Well done Ruby, it's great to have you in our class!

Maths Makes Sense Award - Leya. Well done Leya, your maths really impressed Mrs D'Sa this week - keep it up!

See you all on Monday - Have fun!!

Friday 6th November 2015.


It was great to be back with you all today, it sounds like you have impressed your teachers this week and you certainly impressed me with your big writing and warm welcome back!

In our Celebration assembly today Gabriel was awarded our Star Writer certificate, this was due to his super effort improving his story about an imaginative place; he also used some super phrases which added a lot of character to his writing!

Alexa received our Good Work award due to her excellent work in our current RE topic. It was all thoughtful, accurate and demonstrated an excellent understanding.

Charlotte received our Academy Mission award due to her wonderful, sunny personality and her passion and dedication to caring for our school environment.

In my maths group, Ellie received the Maths Makes Sense Award because of the amazing effort she makes with her homework; even doing extra!! Very impressive!

Harriet and Jaydan were given the Sportsperson Awards  by Mr Cannon this week - well done you two!

Thomas was our Special Person this week and everyone in the class had absolutely wonderful things to say about him!


Well done to all of you this week, and I look forward to next week and may see some of you at church on Sunday for the Remembrance Mass! (School uniform and a poppy remember!)


Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe!

Mrs Kelly :)

Friday 16th October 2015.


Congratulations on our joint class assembly this week children. You all sang so beautifully, delivered your lines confidently and looked like you had a ball entertaining our huge audience.  We are all really proud of you! 

We've had a busy week practising for our assembly and also writing up our Non-chronological reports all about the Vikings. They look amazing and everyone will be able to see them during parents evening, as they will be on our Year 4 display board in the hall.  It was incredibly tricky to pick our star writers this week as you've all spent so much time and effort on your reports - well done - House points for everyone!

Diya, Jaydan & Max received the Star writer awards though, as this was truly the best piece of work so far this year, from these children - keep it up guys!

James received our Academy Mission Statement Award this week, for the lovely caring way he treats other children in school and his exemplary manners - what a star!

Jaydan also got the Head teacher's Mission statement award!  You certainly have been spotted doing a really good job this week Jaydan! Keep it up!

Grace was crowned our Special Person this week, so well done to another worthy winner!

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you looking super smart on Monday for the school photographer!

Mrs K.


Friday 9th October - Music update!


Miss Evans, Miss Lunn and Mrs Robinson have been so impressed with your music work this week children!  You've been practising a new piece of music this week called 'Swing those Blues' and learning how to read music.

Things they want you to remember are: FACE in the spaces and 'Every Green Bogey Deserves Flicking!'

Recorders - practice C & D and playing the top two lines of music.

Ukuleles - To practice C & F chords.

Trumpets - Practice D & A notes and follow music sheets.

Check out the photos of you all in action below!


Mrs Kelly & The Music team no

Year 4 music in action!

Friday 9th October 2015.


 We've had another great week this week; with rehearsals for our class assembly coming on well. (Its on Wednesday at 2.45pm  -we'd love to see you there!) You all really enjoyed our science afternoon and wrote some brilliant Autumn poems today in big writing!  As usual, I could have given you all awards in assembly - so very well done and keep up the hard work!

Edie received Mr. Harrison's Mission Statement Award for helping a younger child who had hurt herself - a most deserved award, well done Edie!

Sophie is also another member of our class who strives to help others and always works hard,  so for these reasons she received our class Mission Statement Award.

Leya received the Star Writer award for her original and creative ideas for her Autumn poem as Luke Boyce-Poyser; his vocabulary choices were excellent and his poem was a pleasure to read - well done both of you!

Abbie has made excellent progress with her reading and not only tries hard in class but also at home; reading every day!  You've really impressed us Abbie - keep it up!

Max was our Star Person this week and his class mates had lots of super things to say about a lovely member of our class.

Mr Cannon was impressed with Harriet's attitude in games this week and he gave her the Sportsperson of the Week award - super Harriet, we are very proud of you!


Have a wonderful weekend children; don't forget to learn your lines and song words and to colour those helmets!!

See you on Monday for another fun week

Mrs K.surprise




Wednesday 7th October

Seriously Messy Science!!


Today Year 3 and 4 created Non-Newtonian Fluids - ask your children, they'll tell you all about it.  We used cornflour and water to create a substance that appears to be a liquid but acts as a solid under pressure!  We were all amazed and had a marvellous time! Check out these photos to see what we mean!

Non Newtonian Fluids in Assisi Class!

Friday 2nd October 2015.


What a beautiful week it has been this week and a hard working one too!  We have started practising for our class assembly and have been publishing our Viking stories into little books. Everyone has worked incredibly hard as usual and the Celebration Assembly winners were:

AJ received the Good Work Award for creating 4 fantastically detailed characters to use in his Viking story - keep it up Thomas!

Thomas received the Star Writer Award for his wonderful writing to describe objects from the Viking times - you really impressed us Thomas!

The Academy Mission Award went to Luke who is always a super role model to his peers, displaying super manners and a hardworking attitude - super job Luke!

Max.K. was awarded the Sportsperson certificate this week, for his super sportsmanship in games and PE, every week - well done Max!

Max.P. received the Mathematician of the Week Award from Mrs D'sa - well done Max, keep up the hard work.

Well done to everyone though, you really have worked hard!

See you all on Monday

Mrs Kelly.

Tuesday 22nd September 2015.

Our Jorvik school visit!


We spent the day in York today, learning all about the Vikings!  We now know lots about archaeology, what York was like in Viking times,  and what made the Viking armies so formidable - the battle tactics workshop was awesome!  We all had a fantastic time, our behaviour was wonderful and we laughed lots!  Check out the photos below!

smiley  Friday 18th September 2015.   smiley


Crikey children! How quickly the time is passing! We've had another busy week where we have been learning more about the Vikings and states of matter in science. We've also been starting our days with an energising boogie!  You are all still impressing me with your hard work; this week's Celebration Assembly winners being:

Leonardo who was awarded the Courtesy Award for his marvellous manners and positive approach towards his learning.

Edie was awarded the Good Work Award for her diary as Abraham in RE this week; it was jam packed full of detail and showed a super understanding. Edie was also our Special Peron this week too - well done you!

Charlotte was our star writer this week, for her exciting adventure story, where she went on a journey through time on a Viking Long ship.

I hope you all have a great weekend, don't forget about your favourite Bible story homework and the fact that there are only 4 more sleeps until our Jorvik trip!! smiley

(Check out new pictures of our RE art work: Our impressions of Jesus ancestors!)


See you Monday

Mrs K.surprise

Our water colour impressions of Jesus' ancestors!

smiley   Friday 11th September 2015.   smiley


Hi there Assisi crew!  What a lovely first full-week we have had!  The sun has been shining and boy have we worked hard - well done to all of you!

It was our first Celebration Assembly of the year today and I could have quite easily nominated everyone of you!  Whether it was for being helpful, kind to one another, working really hard, producing amazing homework or for making us smile everyday  - so keep it up children! Mrs Giddens, Mrs Mucha and I are incredibly impressed!

Harriet received the courtesy award for her wonderful attitude and helpfulness around the classroom.

Isabelle impressed us with her Viking artwork.

Alexa & Abbie received the star writer awards for their Raider's stories.

Following in the footsteps of Luke and Alexa, James also became our Special Person this week and it was lovely to listen to all of the complimentary things you had to say about him! Well done James.


See you all on Monday and I hope you have a great weekend!

indecision     Cheerio!     indecision

Mrs Kelly.


Friday 4th September 2015.


Today we had an art day where we made rune tablets from clay and created landscape longboat scenes using water colour paints and collage. We sang happy birthday to Max who was 9 today and also to Isabel who celebrates her birthday tomorrow!  Have a lovely day Isabel. Check out the photos of our clay rune tablets below!

See you on Monday everyone!