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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Music homework

Year 3 and 4 Easter Production - Easter Rocks and Roles!

Singing at Alexandra House

We have been rehearsing for our Easter production and we wanted to share the songs with the local community. Yesterday, we went to Alexandra House and told the Easter story through song. We brought plants and the plant pots we had decorated.


Everyone enjoyed our singing and they joined in with the actions.

Easter Roles and Rocks

Wave your palms


Thirty pieces of silver

Peter's song

Yes I am a bad man

Pilate's song

The way of the cross

It's a sad, sad day

Don't be so sad

He is alive

Servant King

Still image for this video

Meekness and majesty

Still image for this video

1. Easter Roles and Rocks 2.mp3

2. Wave your Palms.mp3

3. Caiaphas with a capital 'C'.mp3

4. Thirty Pieces of Silver..mp3

5. Please Remember Me..mp3

6. Peter's Song..mp3

7. Reprise Thirty Pieces of Silver.mp3

8. Pilates Song..mp3

9. The Way of the Cross.mp3

10. It's a sad, sad day..mp3

11. Don't Be So Sad, Don't Be So Blue.mp3

12. He is Alive..mp3

Moving picture

We have learnt the Ancient Egyptians' creation story and have used levers to create the story with moving parts. We made prototypes of our mechanisms before making the final product. Take a look at the pictures of us showing our products to the reception children.


In history, we have learnt about the mummification process and why it was done. Although we couldn't mummify a body, we have mummified some apples. In  few weeks, we will have a look at these apples and observe how the apples have dried out (just like the bodies would have done for the ancient Egyptians). 


Mummification part 2

After three weeks, we looked at our  apples. We noticed that the mummified apple we much small than the other apple and it had dried out. The apple that was not mummified had gone mouldy and had begun to rot. Take a look at the pictures.

Fabulous fables

In literacy, we have read lots of different fables and written our own. We have learnt that fables are short and have little character and setting descriptions. We have also learnt they always contain a moral and are used to teach people ways in which they should behave. We read some fables to the children in reception. Thank you reception for listening to us read.

Take a look at the photos.

George's Marvellous Medicine

Our instruction writing in literacy has been closely linked to Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine so in the last week of half term we went to Nottingham to see the play. It was a very exciting day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Look how excited we were on the bus journey to Nottingham.

Healthy cereal bars

This half term we are designing, making and evaluating healthy cereal bars. We have testing some cereals and cereal bars and, by looking at the packaging, we have learnt how much sugar is in each cereal and cereal bar.

We have taste tested dried fruits and have made packaging for a new, healthy product. We will be making our cereal bars in two weeks. Watch this space!

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