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A place to learn, have fun, grow and develop in the light and love of Christ


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West Midland Safari Park

Good News Easter Production

Our Easter Bonnets

Science week activities

Making our Roman costume

Our Judaism homework

Learning about sound

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Our Viking Homework Projects

Wonderful water

Today we have made scientific observations about water as it changes state. We observed boiling, condensing and melting. We also observed how the ice got colder when we added salt. Take a look at our photos.

Our Water Cycle Wheels

French greetings

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We love singing this song in year 4 to help us to count in multiples of 8. Have a listen.

8 times table

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Is flat lemonade heavier or lighter than fizzy lemonade?

In science we have been learning about gases and we wondered if flat lemonade was heavier or lighter than fizzy lemonade. We carried about an investigation. We poured 100g fizzy lemonade into a cup. We waited for it to go flat then we weighed it again. It was lighter! We found out that gas has mass just like liquids and solids. We also learnt that carbon dioxide (the gas found in drinks) is actually a heavy gas compared to helium by looking at some balloons which were filled with different gases. Take a look at our photos.



We have learnt about the Viking board game hnefatafl (nef-a-ta-ful). We listened to the rules of the game and we noticed it's similar to chess. Take a look at these photos. You can find the game at .

Our trip to Jorvik Viking Centre