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The Priory Catholic Voluntary Academy

A place to learn, have fun, grow and develop in the light and love of Christ


We are Assisi Class
Summer 2 - Home learning

Overview for summer 2

Rosa Parks (Horrible Histories)

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L'oeuf = egg

La glace = ice cream

Le chocolat = chocolate

Le fromage = cheese

Le jambon = ham

Le jus d'orange = orange juice

Le pain = bread

Le poisson = fish

Le poulet = chicken

Le riz = rice

Le yaourt = yoghurt

Les saucisses = sausages

Summer 1 Home Learning

Overview for Summer 1

Africa Projects mentioned in the overview

Spring Home learning

Take a look at the overview for your Home Learning.

The overview lists all the different work and activities to complete and lists the 'every day' work including reading, handwriting, exercise, spellings, maths and times tables.



Our Roman day at Conkers

Our Class Mass: Our Call in the Community

We made cards for people in the parish community, giving reasons for our thanks.
We really enjoyed welcoming Father Berry into Assisi class for our mass. We explored our call to help our community in our readings and through the homily. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us too. 

Mary's Meals

We have really enjoyed learning about the charity Mary's Meals. 

We have learnt it is a simple solution to the world's problems of hunger and children missing out on education.

We have also supported the charity's backpack appeal. Thank you to Mrs Langford who taught us all about this. We launched the appeal to the whole school in our class assembly. Take a look at the pictures.


Electricity - Here we are exploring complete and incomplete circuits. We can use scientific symbols to draw them too!

Investigating how sound travels

We have been investigating the best way for sound to travel. We found out sound travels best through a solid because the particles are close together. Take a look at our pictures. 


Our Visit to the Library

At the Priory, we love reading and each class visits the library each half term. Here are some picture of Assisi class's visit.

Viking Longhouses

This half term, we have designed, made and evaluated a Viking longhouse use to be used in the Jorvik museum. We used traditional methods of wattle and daub to create our models. We ensured our Viking longhouse was strong by reinforcing joins and using a frame for the roof with triangulation. Take a look at our photos. 


Our Collective Acts of Worship

Planning and delivering pupil led collective acts of worship is one of the most important things we do. Have a look at some photos from our class worships.  


The Water Cycle

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In our Science topic, States of Matter, we have learnt about The Water Cycle. We have learnt about all the parts (evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection). We made PowerPoint presentations and information wheels about The Water Cycle. We also really enjoyed learning this song.

Scientific observations

We have observed, melting, evaporation and condensation in real life situations. Take a look at our photos.

Year 4 Music

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We have really enjoyed learning the recorder, trumpet and ukulele. Have a listen to our ensemble.

What a fantastic week!

We visited York and found out what the archaeologists discovered during their historical dig. We learnt about what made the Vikings such good warriors in a workshop. We then went back in time on the Jorvik ride.  


Take a look at our photos.

Our trip to Jorvik

Raiders drama

Today we acted out a part of Raiders. Jack wakes up in the past and is very confused that everyone is calling him Edric! We explained the different characters' thoughts and feelings. We can't wait to find out what happens next. 

Today the European Cup won by Nottingham Forest in 1979 and 1980 came to Priory



Today, we learnt the rules of a Viking board game called Hnefatafl. We played a version of it online and we really enjoyed it.