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Assisi Class: Sponsored walk, run or jog in aid of the CAFOD Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

A visit from Mr and Mrs Breach, to find out all about Apartheid in South Africa.

Mini Beast and Habitat Hunting 12.05.15

Friday 8th May 2015.


What a week we've had in Assisi class this week! It may have only been 4 days long, but crikey, we've packed a lot in! It was our West African Drumming day on Thursday, when the whole school was filled with the sounds of our African rhythms.  Our time with Steve Rivers from Unbeatable Energy was fantastic!  We leaned new skills and techniques for playing the Djembe drums (slap, tone and bass) and worked hard all day to put together an amazing, high-energy performance for our parents and friends in school.  Thanks to everyone who came to see our assembly and well done to all of you for taking part so enthusiastically! (Check out our pictures and video clips below!)


Congratulations go to all of you for your hard work; especially Freya Attenborough who kept her rhythm throughout the day and those children who 'seized the moment' and got up for a dance!

Will Burbidge was crowned our Star Writer today for his detailed and well-organised thank you letter to Steve Rivers. Well done Will, you obviously really enjoyed the day!

Dylan received the MMS award for his enthusiasm and accurate work this week.  Keep it up Dylan!

Euan, as always has been his extremely helpful self all week and can seem to spot jobs that need doing way before the teachers do!  For this reason he was awarded the Courtesy award.  What wold we do without you Euan?


Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget your ideas for our Pentecost poems for MONDAY!

Here's hoping the sun shines!

Mrs Kelly. :)

West African Drumming Workshop. 07.05.15

Year 4 Cricket Session 29.04.15

Friday 6th February 2015


We've had another busy week this week in Assisi class. Our Literacy and Topic have been linked this week as we've been planning what will go into our information texts. We've been note making and researching all about the Romans using our prior knowledge, books, videos and ICT. We are ready to start putting this altogether in our final information text on Monday! In big writing we wrote some spooky ghost stories!! Well done everybody, I was terrified after reading all your great work. In DT we planned our moving monsters, ready to make the final product next week. In Science, we had our final lesson on electricity and learnt all about conductors and insulators. Now we are all ready to impress on the class trip on Monday with all our great knowledge about electricity and learn even more facts!


Well done to this week's award winners. Freddie was our star writer for his informative explanation text about Angry Birds - well done Freddie! Euan won the courtesy award for his polite manners and friendly attitude - you are a true gentleman, well done Euan! Freya A and Carmen won our good work award for their excellent partner work in ICT, helping one another find research and learning off each other, well done girls!


Our homework this week is comprehension reading. Please see me if you would like a spare sheet.

Have a nice weekend everybody. See you all on Monday. no

Miss Blackburn smiley

Welcome To . . .
Assisi's Awesome Class Page!

Friday 16th January 2015

We've had a fun filled second week back after the Christmas holidays! I was very impressed reading your big writing this week and enjoyed reading all about your dream jobs! It's nice to see you're all very ambitious year 4, we have some future teachers, dance teachers, air hostesses, scuba diver instructors, pilots, Disneyworld princesses, artists, scientists, bio chemists and many more! 

In Literacy, we have continued our work on adverts. This week we explored the techniques used by both TV adverts and radio adverts, leading up to performing our own TV adverts in groups - please see pictures below. In our topic work we made our own mosaics, just like the Romans did. In Science, we enjoyed exploring making circuits to produce electricity. In Computing, we planned our stories for our animation which we will begin making next week on the program 'Scratch.' In DT, we looked at how air pressure can make things move and work in preparation to make our moving monsters.

Congratulations to all our award winners this week. Mollie H, you won the good work award for your detailed PowerPoint all about the Romans - well done you.Dylan, you won the courtesy award for always being your polite, friendly and smiley self - well done! Arran, you won the star writer award for retelling your very creative dream! Isabelle, you won the Headteacher's award for impressing so many teacher's around the school this week with your positive attitude, well done! Emily, you won the Maths Make Sense award from your maths teacher, well done!

Homework this week is advert hunting:

 Assissi Homework 16th January 2015
We have had a great week looking at advertisements and how they are used to persuade you to buy a Cadburys cream egg and pester you parents to take you to Alton Towers.
Your assignment for the weekend is to be is our advert secret agents and spot all the adverts you can on TV, billboards and radio etc.
* Write down a list of all the places you see or hear adverts (There will be a prize for the strangest place!)
* What advert did you remember the most and why? Think about all the features we have been discussing all week.
Happy advert hunting and have a great weekend.
See you Monday
Miss Blackburn & Miss Evans

Please find attached the Spring class newsletter below informing you further of the topics we will be covering this term.
Have a nice weekend everybody.
See you all on Monday.
Miss Blackburn


Friday 9th January 2015

We've enjoyed our first week back after the Christmas holidays as we started lots of new and exciting topics. In Literacy we are learning all about persuasive texts so this week we have been looking at adverts and learning about the techniques they use to try and persuade us! In ICT we have been learning about animations so we enjoyed evaluating different animations. In Science we are learning all about electricity. Our topic this term is all about the Romans and we have found out lots of interesting facts already! Our big writing this week was all about dreams and I enjoyed reading about all your wonderful and creative dreams. We also went up to church for mass on Friday.
Our homework this week is all about our favourite animation, please find this attached below.
I hope you all had a good first week back!
Have a good weekend and I'll see you all on Monday.
Miss Blackburn


Wednesday 7th January 2015

Talk homework for this week:
Sometimes we have dreams that are very exciting and seem extremely real. So, this week in big writing we are writing a diary entry retelling a dream we have had. (The dream can be a dream you had before or a made up dream). Remember your favourite dream and talk to an adult about:
What happened in your dream?
Who was in your dream?
Did you wake up before the end or do you know how it ended? If you woke up before the end can you invent an ending?


 Friday 19th December 

We've had a very busy week this week in the lead up to Christmas! As mentioned in the previous post we had our special assembly on Monday morning. Congratulations to Isaac for winning the courtesy award - you are always polite, smiley and a delight to have in year 4. Well done to Will Brown, you won the good work award for your expert knowledge in ICT. You impressed both myself and the class with your knowledge on apps and software. Well done to our star writer Simon for winning our star writer award this week - your answers about how Santa delivers presents were very creative.

We have had a very festive week this week. On Tuesday we had our class party and we all enjoyed our feast of goodies and party games. On Wednesday we tucked into our Christmas lunch which we all enjoyed! On Friday we impressed Santa with our version of 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town' which we enjoyed practising and adding actions to this week. We also completed our explanation texts on how Santa delivers all the presents in time for Christmas day. I was very impressed with all your work as there were lots of creative explanations - well done everybody! As promised Mr Harrison choose one that caught his eye. Although he found this extremely difficult he choose Arran for his creative explanation and consideration to include features from the success criteria - well done Arran!

Our topic next term is the Romans! Your homework for over the Christmas holidays leads into this topic:

 Our topic next term is the Romans. What can you find out about them using the internet and books? Can you find the answers to these 5 questions?


  1. Who lived in Britain before the Romans invaded?
  2. What happened in AD 43?
  3. Who was Boudicca and what did she do?
  4. Why did Hadrian build a wall across Britain?
  5. What new things did the Romans introduce to Britain? 


You can produce your findings however you like: in your homework book, on a PowerPoint, a poster.

I hope you all enjoyed this week as much as I have! And I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas bags as much as I did preparing them. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody. See you all in January.
Miss Blackburn


 Friday 12th December 

We've had another fun week this week in the lead up to Christmas! In Literacy we have been building up to write an explanation text on how Santa delivers all the presents by Christmas morning. Everybody has had so many creative and imaginative ideas and I cannot wait to read your explanation texts on Monday! On Friday we wrote stories on what happened when Santa got stuck up the chimney! Once again, I was extremely impressed with all your imaginative ideas they made some really great stories!

Thank you to all parents who came to the Christmas fair on Friday, we all had a lovely time looking around all the stalls. This meant that we could not have our special assembly on Friday so instead we shall have this on Monday morning and this weeks award winners will be revealed then.

Homework this week had a festive feel to it as next week is our last week before Christmas:


 It’s Christmas!!! 
As next week is our final week before we break up for Christmas the homework is very festive! You have a choice of one of the options below. (You can do more than one if you wish!)

1. Make a decoration for our class Christmas tree. It can be absolutely anything you like as long as it can hang from our branches

2. Make a snowflake to put on our window. This can be made out of anything you like!

3. Design a new outfit for Santa and label what you have designed for him.

4. Write a Christmas poem/song. You can perform it to the class next week if you are feeling brave!

Enjoy completing your Christmas homework!

Have a nice weekend everybody and I'll see you all on Monday!
Miss Blackburn


Wednesday 10th December

 Talk homework:
This week we have been preparing to write an explanation text on how Santa delivers all the presents by Christmas morning. I was very impressed with the ideas you came up with! Explain to an adult how Santa delivers all the presents by Christmas morning using all your imaginative ideas!

This is for our explanation texts we will write on Monday. I can't wait to read all your amazing ideas!

Miss Blackburn


Friday 5th December

We've had another fun week in the run up to Christmas. We have enjoyed opening our advent bags and completing our Assisi acts of advent kindness. We had a great day on Friday doing lots of Christmas crafts, making crowns, gift bags, stained glass baubles, cakes and cards.

A special well done this week to our award winners. Molly T won the courtesy award for her outstanding behaviour. Carmen won our good work award for trying extremely hard in all subjects, especially ICT and Science this week answering lots of questions. Well done Maya for winning our star writer for your interesting and informative newspaper article. Congratulations to Callum for winning an award for a maths makes Sense award - you have really impressed your teacher this week!
Well done to you all you have all worked very hard this week it makes it very tricky for me to pick our award winners.

Homework this week is to produce a shape poem in the shape of a Christmas tree - I look forward to seeing them. Also, don't forget our class discussion Monday all about advent.

Happy weekend to you all
Miss Blackburn


Wednesday 3rd December

Talk Homework
We have been doing work this week to celebrate the beginning of Advent. Talk to an adult about;
What the Advent wreath symbolises and why its so special to Christians?
How many candles are there on the wreath and what they symbolise?

As there is no big writing this week due to Christmas craft day, we will be having a class discussion about this on Monday to share what we have found out about Advent.

Many Thanks
Miss Blackburn


Friday 28th November 2014


Well done on another week of hard work! This week we had our class mass which all the children participated in. This went very well due to all of you hard work and preparation, Thank you to all the parents and relatives that came along. 
We've enjoyed writing our Autumn poems this week in literacy using lots of similes, alliterations and metaphors. A special well done to Harrison, Joseph and William as you were our star writers this week for your awesome Autumn shape poems! it was very hard to choose as there were so many amazing poems. These will soon be up on display in our classroom. 
Alex P received the courtesy award this week for his wonderful manners and smile. 
Well done to Joel who received our good work award this week for being extremely helpful in setting up for class mass and always wanting to help others. Well done. 
Finally we also enjoyed a class visit from St John Ambulance, we all learnt some first aid and had fun bandaging our friends. See pictures below.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Miss Blackburn & Miss Evans



Friday 17th October 2014.

Hello Year 4! Hope you're all having a lovely 'blustery' weekend. We've had another lovely week together and you've and you've all worked incredibly hard especially:
Hollie-Mae, Szymon, Joseph & Freddie. These guys were all nominated for the Maths Makes Sense Award by many different teachers in KS2. Well done, Miss Evans and I are really proud of you!
Joshua and Freya received the Good Work Award this week for their constructive, collaborative work on their biography research.
Leah received the Courtesy Award for her exemplary manners and super smile! Keep it up Leah, this is what makes our classroom a super place to be!
Hollie-Mae was nominated again for our Star Writer Award. Her research for her biography was full, detailed and there was lots of it - she worked incredibly hard with her partner!
Well done to you all though children, you know how hard it is for me to choose individuals when all of your work is so fantastic!
See you on Monday,
Mrs K!


Friday 10th October 2014. 

Well done on another hard working week guys! Fossil Friday was fantastic. Well done to all of you who bought your fossil collections and precious stones into school on Friday. We were able to teach one another lots of exciting new facts and also to hold artefacts that were between 65 and 510 million years old!
We welcomed Miss Blackburn into our class this week and she is already really impressed with your work, manners and behaviour and she is are looking forward to teaching some of your lessons over the next part of the Autumn Term.
Congratulations this week go to all of you as usual but our Star Writers this week were Mollyand Orla who wrote very persuasive speeches that they could say to a Palaeontologist about this fantastic fossils - Well done girls!!
Ellie-Mai was our Courtesy Award Winner for always setting a fabulous example on how to behave and work at school - keep it up Ellie!
The Good Work Award this week went to Joel for his amazing effort with class and homework this week - we're so impressed Joel - Good boy!
We also said good bye to Harvey this week, who left us on Friday to begin his time at another school. There were many tears and sad faces as Harvey left and we wish him a successful future and happy times at his new school.
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend. Don't forget to investigate 'Shelters'. Bring your research in any form you wish to school on Tuesday!
See you on Monday!
Mrs Kelly.


Friday 12th September 2014.

Thanks for a lovely week Year 4. Your big writing today has been really impressive as has your History work this week on Viking Time lines.
Congratulations this week go to everyone for such a super start, but a few people caught my eye.Maya's big writing was awarded Star Writer this week. She organised her ideas into paragraphs, used a wide range of punctuation and her writing was lively and enjoyable to read. Alex impressed me with her super account of her summer holiday and was awarded the Good Work Award, Well done you! The Courtesy Award was given to Joe Morrell for consciously putting others before himself and setting such a good example by always being seen to do the right thing!
Well done to everyone again, I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs showing which unusual places you've been caught reading in!
See you on Monday, have a fab weekend,
Mrs Kelly. 

Hello everybody! Miss Evans and I hope you've had a wonderful summer holiday and can't wait to hear all about it! Not long before we start back now, see you on Thursday!

Mrs Kelly & Miss Evans.