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How we've been helping to protect wildlife

How we've been helping to protect wildlife


We have been really busy at school thinking of ways we can help protect butterflies and bees.  

We really enjoyed making butterfly feeders, which we have put up in our school garden and we have started to plant special flowers that will help attract more bees and butterflies to our grounds.

We found out that bees, sadly, are starting to die out. In the 1950’s there were over 50 native species of bee in the UK, yet now there are just 25!

Given that they are responsible for pollinating crops, the loss of our native bees could be a national disaster. Experts say that a third of our regular diet would be affected, crops would fail in massive quantities and animals – both wild and domesticated – would be left without the produces they rely on.

By planting the flowers bees love, and by raising awareness of their plight, we can help save one of the most vital, and endangered creatures in the UK.

So we set to the task of doing lots more research on bees and thinking of some good ideas for a ‘Save Our Bees’ posters.
Ideas we included in our posters were;
  • Facts about bees.
  • Information that explains why our bees are so important.
  • Information that explains why our bees are dying.
  • How we can help protect and save them.
  • Pictures, diagrams, slogans are also useful ways of attracting people to our posters and persuading them to help save our bees.

Take a look at our finished posters. We hope that as well as liking them that you too can learn something new about our Great British Bees!


Year 3