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Welcome to Iona

Friday 11th July
This week we have been learning about The Great War. We have learnt some war songs and made our own poppy fields to remember those who have died. (Scroll down for some pictures). In ICT this week, we have been writing our own algorithms for the bee-bots and debugging them when they didn't go where we wanted them to go. It was very interesting and lots of fun too. Have a lovely weekend. 

Friday 5th July

On Wednesday we had our Sports Day. It was a lovely, sunny day and everyone tried their best. I'm very proud of all of you. We had fun in the sack race, jumping over hurdles and doing the long jump. Well done for earning all your stickers! You superstars!

Friday 27th June

This week has been a little bit different! On Wednesday and Thursday, the year one children went into Lindisfarne. They met Mrs Harrision, Mrs Hayden and Mrs Roberts. It sounds like they had a fantastic time learning about Lindisfarne and making time capsules. Congratulations to all the award winners. Theo received the sports award for super effort. Lilly was our star writer for her diary entry about her adventure with a magic shell. Leo received the courtesy award for always sitting beautifully and setting such a good example for the other children. Mikhail was the maths makes sense winner for his work finding 2D faces in 3D shapes. Enjoy your long weekend!

Friday 13th June
What a lovely week Iona class have had. On Thursday we went to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. We saw loads of different creatures. We loved the jellyfish and the green turtle. We found out lots of interesting facts about the hammerhad sharks and the otters! Thank you for your behaviour and for using your kind manners. Iona class recieved the courtesy award this week. We have been using alliteration to make our stories about these sea creatures even better. Congratulations to the award winners too. Scarlett L-W recieved the maths award for her quick work on multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Max recieved the good work award for his fab research on sea creatures. Billy and Reuben recieved the star writer award for their work to Mr Ward about how fantastic the Sea Life Centre was. We are looking forward to our class assembly next Tuesday 2.50pm.

Friday 6th June
Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a lovely half term. We started our Seaside topic with a bang this week. We have been researching some of the seasides in England and giving reasons for which one we would like to visit. Today we celebrated Mass for Father Berry's diamond jubilee. Thank you to everyone for writing such lovely messages for him. We are really looking forward to our trip next Thursday too! Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 16th May
It has been another lovely week this week. We had a very exciting geography lesson collecting transport data in our local area. We all made tally charts and we found out lots of people use cars and walking as transport (scroll down for the pictures). We were disappointed not to see a tank but we did see Mrs King driving in her car! Well done to all our award winners. Owen recieved the good work for his attitude and work produced in that geography lesson. Olivia recieved the star writer for the super retell of 'The Sun and the Wind'. Paige was our mathematition this week as she could name all the 2D faces on a 3D shape and Niall recieved the courtesy award for his fantastic nature in the classroom.
Don't forget to tell your family about our trip to the Sea Life Centre and to get your slip back asap. 

Friday 9th May
Learning about our RE topic, Holidays and Holydays, has been fantastic this week. We have learnt all about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and how Pentecost was the birth of the Church. We celebrated the birth of the Church by sharing biscuits with each other. Congratulations to our award winner too.

Friday 2nd May
Today we finished our Literacy topic 'Information texts'. I have been so impressed with how many features of information texts you have learnt about. We know all about contents pages, index pages and glossaries. We know that non-fiction books usually have real pictures in and contain headings and sub-headings. We finished our topic with our Big Write session in which the children wrote some information about how to spend the bank holiday weekend with sub-headings. Good job everyone! See you all on Tuesday :)

Friday 25th April
Welcome back Iona class! We started our new topic 'Spring into Action' by looking at how seasonal change impacts trees. It was very interesting to observe the same tree in all four seasons. I enjoyed listening to you tell me which season was your favourite too. Lots of interesting ideas! The maths award went to Cash for his work creating fair swaps between coins and items. The star writer was Oliver for his independent writing about his favourite season. The courtesy award went to Francesca (who could easily receive the award every week). The good work award went to Ellie for her understanding of holidays and Holy days. What a lovely first week back. Don't forget to practise the hymns for our mass on Tuesday.

Friday 4th April
What a lovely last week of term. On Thursday, we spent the afternoon learning all about Good Friday and Easter Sunday with Year 2. We had a fantastic time reflecting on Good Friday and we made gardens to represent the cross on which Jesus died and the tomb in which He was buried in. We then learnt that the story doesn't end there and that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. We made Easter cards for our family and friends. The Year 1 team wish you a lovely Easter break. See you in 2 weeks :)

Friday 28th March
Another super week for us all in year 1. In PE we have learnt how to gallop, side step and hop with extra challenges. We learnt how to think about our personal sport journey and have written ways in which we are going to challenge ourselves next lesson. Well done to Aimee, our star writer, who wrote a fabulous alternative ending to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Scarlett Elizabeth received the courtesy award for always being respectful to others. Theo received the Maths Makes Sense award for his work on 2 and 3 digit vertical subtractions. The Good Work award went to Thomas for his hard work in PE improving his side step. Mr Cannon's sportsperson award went to Max. Keep up all the good work Year 1 for our last week of term.

Friday 21st March
Well, we have had a very full week this week! It has been Science Week and we have been investigating the future of food. We found out the the best way to stop an apple going brown is to put it in water. We found out that we think green foods taste worst even if it is the same food with food colouring in. We found out that, on the whole, we prefer organic foods to non-organic foods. Today, we have been spending the whole day competing in fun activities for Sports Relief (scroll down for pictures). Congratulations to all our 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. Well done too, to Marcel our courtesy winner for encouraging and supporting everyone in their events today. Well done to Grace, our star writer for writing a fantastic character description of Goldilocks. Well done to our Maths Makes Sense award winners Scarlett J and Isabelle for challenging each other when they were buying things with money. Finally, the Good Work award went to Alex for thinking about lots of ways he could live out his Lenten promise in RE. Well done everyone for a fantastic week! 

Friday 14th March
This week started off with a bang as Mrs Harrison told us all about Science Week that is happening next week. She showed us how power boats and hovercrafts work. We are all looking forward to our Science project about organic food. This week in Literacy we have been using dictionaries. We have been learning about alphabetical order and finding words in the dictionary. We had great fun racing each other to find words. Congratulations to the award winners. Cody-Lee received the courtesy award for being spotted playing very well with other children and letting everyone join in his game. Niall received the good work award for his acrostic poem about Lent. Isabelle received star writer this week for her information writing about how to save water and electricity and Caden received the mathematician award for his work on the 10 times tables. This week, the first Sportsperson award was given to Ellie Whitehead who has impressed Mr Cannon during PE. I hope you are looking forward to Sport's relief next week!


Friday 7th March
 This week has been very busy. On Ash Wednesday, we went to church to receive our ashes and start the season of Lent. A big thank you for your perfect behaviour. Thursday was world book day and you all looked fantastic (scroll down for pictures). Well done to Scarlett J, Grace and Niall who received £5 voucher for their efforts. We had a special non-uniform day on Friday for having the highest attendance across the school in Autumn 2. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Rebecca, this week's courtesy winner. You all wrote very thoughtful letters to her. Congratulations to all our award winners this week. Julia was our star writer for her letter to Rebecca, Leo was our mathematician of the week for his column addition and subtraction and Alicia received the good work award.

Don't forget your parent's and grandparent's toys on Monday.

Friday 28th February 2013
What a fantastic first week back Year 1! We started our new topic 'On the Move'. In Literacy, we wrote recounts of 'on the move' fairy tales. We learnt about the push and pull forces all around us in Science. We met our class governor Mr Walters and he helped us make Shrove Tuesday card with a pop up mechanism. We have decided how we want to celebrate winning the attendance prize so we look forward to our non-uniform day. Aimee received the maths award for her work embellishing real life stories. Grace has worked really hard this week in all subjects and thoroughly deserves the good work award. The courtesy award went to Caden this week for being extra polite and an extra good friend this week. Alex was this week's star writer for his exciting work about his special journey. Keep up the good work!

We had a lovely last half term. Our topic 'Let's eat' was full of fun. We learnt where fruits and vegetables come from in our Plants topic in Science. We also leant how to grow our own and keep them alive. In RE we learnt about a special meal Jesus shared with his friends called the Last Supper. In Literacy, we read and wrote rhyming poems all about food and wrote our own stories set in a fantasy world with a castle! At the end of the term, we designed and made our own bread with a label and waterproof packaging and celebrated all our hard work with our parents at our class assembly (scroll down for pictures).
Keep checking Iona's class page for a weekly update of all the work we have been doing.