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Welcome to Iona class

The Deep

Take a look at our photos from our school trip to the deep.

Fire safety

The fire fighters came to visit us today. They taught us how to 'Stop Drop and Roll' if our clothes set on fire and they told us what to do if the smoke alarm goes off in our homes. Later, we went outside and learnt about the fire engines. We even had a go using the fire hoses!

Goldilocks and the three bears

We have been studying lots of fairy tales this half term including Goldilocks and the three bears. We have studied the character of Goldilocks and have written a sorry letter to the three bears from Goldilocks. When reading the story, we have practise reading with expression. We used the laptops to answer questions about the story to check our understanding. Take a look at the photos.

Easter gardens

As we travelled through Lent we arrived at Holy Week. We learnt what happened on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Today we heard the story Easter Sunday and made an Easter garden to help us retell it. Look at our photos.

Transport in the local area

In geography we have learnt about different vehicles. We conducted a traffic survey to find out what vehicles are in our local area. 

Fish and chips

In our Geography lessons we have learnt about the UK. We have learnt that England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom. We learnt about traditional dishes including fish and chips. We enjoyed our trip to the fish and chip shop and we enjoyed eating the fish and chips too!

Preparing food

In DT we have learnt about 5 different preparation techniques. We learnt how to grate, peel, juice, cut and slice different foods and vegetables safely and hygienically. We had a fantastic lesson practising the techniques. Take a look at the photos.


Special stories

In RE we have been hearing stories about Jesus' childhood which would be heard in church. We have worked in groups to act out the stories. We enjoyed the story of Jesus at the temple and the presentation of Jesus on the temple. Here are our photos.



In Science, we have been learning about plants including plant that we eat. We have planted some lettuce seeds, carrot seeds, tomato seeds and onion bulbs. Take a look at our pictures.


In RE we have thought about how it feels to wait as we are now in Advent, a time of waiting for Christmas. We have also though about how Mary felt waiting for baby Jesus. We asked Mrs Jolly how it felt to wait for her baby when she came in to see Knock's nativity.


In our data and measure lessons, we have been measuring lines and perimeters in centimetres, decimetres and metres. To measure our lines in metres, we had to take our maths lessons outside. Take a look at our photos.  


In our DT lessons we have looked at different structures around the playground. We have had our first attempt at making a swing. In this topic we will discover different ways to strengthen our swings and hopefully make it stand up by itself. Take a look at our first swings.


We have enjoyed learning about all the different parts of the Baptism. We spent time looking at all the different objects that were brought in why we still have them. We finished the half term by going up to church to see the Baptismal font and where the Word is read. Father Berry led us look at the Baptismal register and we found the names of the children who were Baptised at Our Lady's. It was very exciting. That a look at our photos.

Jesus family

In RE we have learnt about the love and care shown by our families and by God. We thought about how Mary and Joseph showed Jesus love and care when he was a child. We shared a meal of grapes and unleavened bread together like Mary and Joseph would have shared with Jesus.

Open and closed shapes

In maths makes sense, we have been making open and closed shapes using decimetre sticks. We know the difference between open and closed shapes and have calculated how long it would talk to travel around the outside of a closed shape. We have discovered that you can't travel all the way round an open shape. Keep up all the super maths work children!

Tally charts

This week we use a computer program to generate a tally chart to show our favourite food. We can read numbers in a tally chart too! Look at our super tally charts. Well done year 1.


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