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The Priory Catholic Voluntary Academy

A place to learn, have fun, grow and develop in the light and love of Christ


We are Iona class!




Mrs Williams, Mrs Taylor, Mrs King and Mrs Sheehan are our teachers.

Happy eclipse

World book day

Take at look at the fun we have in Iona class

Holidays and Holydays assembly

Take a look at our photos from our class assembly. The year 1 team were so proud of every single one of you :)


Seasonal changes

In Autumn we measured our shadows at 2:30pm. Last week we did the same. At 2:30pm, we drew round and measured our shadows. We compared photos of shadows in each season. Our shadows in spring were much shorter. Take a look at our photos.

Odd and even
We have been working hard this week sorting odd and even numbers. We learnt that even numbers are those in the 2 times table and so we need to see if the number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. We sorted all the numbers 0-100 into odd and even. Take a look at our photos.

Class worship
Every Thursday, every class in school takes part in class worship planned by some of the children. A class worship starts with a time of gathering together in prayer. We then listen to the Word, which comes from the Bible. After that, we respond to the Word and finally, we are given a mission to complete; to share and live out the gospel message with others. Take a look at some pictures from last week's class worship.

Mother's day cards

This week we have learnt about levers and sliders. We have leanrt how levers and sliders work and we have used them to make mother's day cards.


This week we learnt about shadows. We learnt how shadows are formed and why shadows move throughout the day. We enjoyed drawing rounds our shadows and learning how the sun appears to move across the sky.

Science week

This week Iona class have been learning about making predictions. The theme is 'Move it' and we have been making predictions about which surface will allow a paper fish to travel the furthest. We made some excellent predictions and had fun along the way. Take a look at our photos.


Spring 2 newsletter

Summer 1- Newsletter