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A place to learn, have fun, grow and develop in the light and love of Christ


Welcome to Knock Class! 


The Summer term is here...



Important dates for next week, Monday 30th June is an INSET day and SPORTS DAY is on Wednesday 2nd July in the morning you are all very welcome to come along and support the children.


Miss O'Connor     Mrs Warrener    Mrs Sheehan    Mrs King

Friday 27th June 2014


Well done Reception on a terrific class assembly. I know all of your parents must have been very proud of you. You were so confident and you all used your big voices well done. We all enjoyed hearing you sing your favourite songs and sharing what you have been learning about in our Under the Sea topic. This week has been busy we have had the new children visiting school, learning about the new school routine. We have all spent two days in Year One. We really enjoyed meeting our new teacher Mrs Williams. We had fun making balloons and we showed her how clever we are with our numbers to 20.
This week our awards went to Lily for always being so polite and caring towards her friends. Keira and Emily produced a fantastic pirate map and were our star writers this week. Bea always tries her best in everything and so got the good work award. On Friday we also had Pirate day, we all dressed up as pirates and were pirates for the day. We enjoyed making pirate hats, listening to pirate music, making maps and eating healthy pirate food. Please see the photographs below.

Have a fun weekend, remember Monday is an INSET day so we will see you on Tuesday children.

Miss O'Connor

Friday 6th June 2014

This week our learning has been on the topic, Under the Sea. We have showed a super knowledge and enthusiasm for exploring sea creatures and writing important facts about them. We have made our own rainbow fish using a range of different materials. We have been very busy designing and making our own aquariums these are displayed in our classroom and we can't wait to show you. 

Our new RE topic is Friends and this week we have been thinking about what makes a good friend and what we do with our friends when we are at school. 

A busy first week back, keep up the good work everyone and enjoy the weekend.

Miss O'Connor

Friday 16th May 2014

Golidlocks and the three bears- We have read and really enjoyed the story, we were able to put on different voices as we read. We have tasted and described porridge most of us thought that it was just right! On Tuesday we had our here come the boys afternoon and we would like to thank everyone who came into our class, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Look out for our fantastic photographs of us playing in the rain. 

This week we continue to work hard and be extremely helpful tidying away. Our awards went to James for his super news writing about his dad's birthday. Charlie for always being so polite and helpful, a pleasure to have in the class. Austin for his super knowledge of the Pentecost story. Eleanor worked so hard with her measuring, well done to everyone!

Hope you all have a fantastic week end in the sunshine, see you on Monday

Miss O'Connor

Friday 9th May 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk- this week we have looked at our own beans and written about how they grow. We used the bean diary to help us with our writing and did a super job. We have been independently measuring the tallest and the shortest beans and putting them in the correct order. In RE we have been making streamers to help us celebrate the good news of Jesus.

Another fantastic week children keep up the good work!

Summer term week 2 

Friday 2nd May 2014

The three Little Pigs, this week we have enjoyed reading and discussing the story of the three little pigs. We were able to retell the story using actions, we did a really super job! We have enjoyed finding our own houses using maps and talking about them. We have collaged masks, and designed and made 3d houses. 
Also we have practised our adding by using bricks. We have been weighing different materials, talking about which is heavier or lighter.  We went to hill top to investigate shops and find out what they sell.

In our RE topic this week we have made beautiful streamers to celebrate the good news of Jesus. 

Don't forget we are having a Here come the boys day soon and we are very excited! If you haven't got a letter then please ask us at school.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, see you all on Tuesday

Miss O'Connor
Summer term week 1

Friday 25th April


WOW children we have had a very busy first week back, our new RE topic is 'Good News' and we have been sharing all the good things that have happened to us. Eleanor did some super writing about her good news in her RE book and got the star writer award this week, well done Eleanor! We have had fun in guided reading this week looking at recipes. We liked the one that told us how to make a gingerbread man. Jessica was super at knowing all the ingredients needed for this recipe, also she was super at remembering the actions. We all worked so well this week and so on Friday we went to the shop with Mrs Warrener and got some gingerbreads to take home and taste, don't forget to share them children. 
Our courtesy award this week went to Amelia Langton, she is always so polite and has a smile on her face, thank you Amelia. 
All of you have worked so hard writing numbers on the gingerbreads buttons so it was very hard to choose our Maths makes sense award. Iona your maths is amazing and your number formation is always so neat and careful.


What another fantastic first week back enjoy your weekend and hopefully the sun will shine!

See you all on Monday
Miss O'Connor

Spring term 2

What a busy last few weeks, we have been so excited by the arrival of our class chicks. (See the photographs below to show the fun we have had) . We have enjoyed looking after them we were really super at this and wow they have grown lots. In our last PE session of the term we explored different movements don't forget to play follow the leader with someone at home.  We will show what we have learned on our first PE lesson back on Thursday morning.

Have a great Easter, and I will see you all when you get back!
Spring 2- Spiders!  (Week 3)

This week we have been busy performing the rhyme Incey Wincey spider using the story sack props and in our choosing time we have enjoyed singing and joining in with other nursery rhymes. We had lots of fun making  glittery spider webs.

This week we have started our new RE topic which is Growing. We have planted our own seeds and talked about what they need to grow. We have been super polite and helpful this week, well done to everyone. 

Don't forget it's Sports Relief day on Friday 21st March we are really looking forward to it.

Spring 2 - The Bad Tempered Ladybird (Week 2) 

What an exciting week we know many more facts about ladybirds and we have written some super labels. We have been very creative this week, making our own clay ladybirds, see the photographs below. This week we have enjoyed World Book Day where we dressed up as our favourite book characters, well done to everyone you all looked fantastic. Prizes went to Oscar who was a dinosaur, Casey a fairy and Frank who was Where's Wally? Look at our photographs below to see what other book activities we did.

Thank you for all your support

Miss O'Connor 

Week 5 Spring Term

This week we have been down on the farm. We have learnt farm songs which we have been able to perform with actions, we are working hard to sing beautifully ready for our class assembly after half term which we can't wait to show you. We have sang rhyming songs making up our own rhymes in small groups. We have made animal masks and painted them. We are very excited about our class chicks and have been reading lots of non-fiction books to find out more. In maths makes sense we have been practising our maths stories using cups and then animals, this week we have been introduced to half and learning to add and take away using half. Well done to all the children this week for working so hard!

Week 4 Spring Term

Elmer the elephant, children you have really enjoyed this story in our guided reading sessions you retold the story really well using the puppets. You have also done some fantastic Elmer art work using paint and ICT. All our Elmer's are displayed in the hall, well done children what super neat painting. In our RE lessons we have been naming and recognising different celebrations. You have used role play to show what you know in this topic.
Well done for another fantastic week children. We cant wait to show you all our super work at parents evening. 

Week 3 Spring Term 

This week we have been learning all about Dear Zoo. We have made flap books for each of the animals in the story. We have really enjoyed guided reading where we were able to retell the story using finger puppets. We have written about our favourite animals from the Dear Zoo story. We have made some super animal masks. In Maths Makes Sense we have learnt how to share food between the animals equally and Martha was really fantastic at this so she got the maths award this week. Ruby always puts her hand up with ideas and tries her best so she received the courtesy award this week. Austin is always eager and enthusiastic to learn new things so Austin has the good work award this week. Iona has produced some amazing writing this week in her wonderful news book.

Keep up the good work Reception!

Week 2 Spring Term

Children you have all been working so hard. You are trying really hard with your phonics, blending sounds together to read more new words. This week we have made binnoculars for our jungle safari and painted our favourite jungle animals and wow they look amazing! We have been singing and moving to 'Down in the Jungle'- this is one of our favourite songs. We have produced some super writing about our favourite animals, Casey you did brilliantly remembering your sounds and finger spaces so you are our star writer this week. You have all been so polite and well behaved this week, keep up the good work Reception -well 

Week 2 Topic: Autumn

We have had another busy week learning about Autumn. We have looked at Percy the Park Keeper and read the labels for the tools he needs at his park. We have designed and made our own parks. We have had fun in the park role play using torches to find different park animals and been camping in a tent. We have enjoyed making and playing in our bonfire role play area.
It was very difficult to choose children for our awards this week as you have been working so hard.
Courtesy- Frank for being so helpful to everyone this week, Frank has been remembering his manners too, what a polite little boy!
Good work- Nadia for super work in her reading in phonics
Star writer- Lewis for his super list of things you find at a bonfire and for hearing and writing initial sounds.
Maths- Thomas for beautiful numbers

Keep up the hard work everyone!smiley

Week 1 Welcome back after half term everyone!


This week has gone so quickly we have been busy doing lots of fun activities. We have written a spell for Winne the Witch and we had fun adding our own ingredients into her cauldron. We all behaved very well in Mass on Friday, so well done children keep up the good work. I have attached our Autumn term 2 newsletter at the bottom of the page click on it to find out what your child will be learning about this coming half term.
This week our celebration assembly was held on Monday morning with Mr Harrison, this happens if we have a mass on Friday.
Our awards this week:
Courtesy- Oscar for always being polite and helpful to everyone
Maths Makes Sense- Casey for trying so hard with her addition maths stories.
Good Work- Carina for writing her name so beautifully and carefully.
Star writer- Amelia L for her super 'spell 'writing for Winnie the Witch.

Keep up the hard work!!
Miss O'Connor

Wednesday 15th October 2013  Children you have all really enjoyed our last few days learning about fire-fighters, we have looked at the people who help us and looked in detail at fire-fighters. We have read and matched labels and we are trying very hard to sound talk using our robot arms- well done everyone! We all wrote some fantastic captions for 'growth' of things that we could do when we were babies, toddlers and us now.
I hope that you found parents evening informative, I really enjoyed meeting you all and thank you again for all your support.

Enjoy the half term holiday, have fun and see you all when we get back.

Miss O'Connor 

Keeping Healthy 

We have had such a fun time looking at the story of Handa's Surprise, we have enjoyed retelling the story using the puppets. Children you were super at spotting the animals who had taken the fruits. We have been practising our counting by counting fruits into Handa's basket. This week we have been printing using fruit and we all made some repeated patterns which we are looking forward to displaying in our school hall. Mrs Warrener spoke to you all about how to keep healthy and you made a healthy meal with her.
In 'maths makes sense' we have had a fun time learning how to play dominoes and we have made our own double dominoes using paint.

During carpet time this week you have all tried your very best to follow our carpet time rules and you have shown good listening and good looking.

Thank you to all of you who work so hard at home, reading your books, practising your sounds and writing your numbers.

Miss O'Connorsmiley

Week 3 My body!

Children you've had another busy week at school. This week we have had fun reading and retelling the story of 'Funnybones' using pictures. You have made some fantastic skeletons using art straws which we have displayed in our classroom, Frank you got the good work award for making an amazing dog skeleton- very creative Frank. Our courtesy award went to Jessica who is always smiling and helping her friends. Well done to Keira who got our Maths makes sense award this week, she knew the tallest and shortest skeletons . We have drawn around our bodies and written labels.

Enjoy your weekend children,
Miss O'Connor

Week 2 All about me!

What another amazing week, you're all working so hard and we are very proud of you. We have been working hard in phonics practising our sounds and reading words that contain these sounds, we have practised using our sound talk - 'talking as a robot.' We created our own superhereos using our names.

Reading, you continue to work hard at home reading your books and you are using your target cards well to make your reading even better-thank you! Children you have been working so hard with your letter and number formation in your red books, don't forget to sing the 'maths makes sense' songs to help you write your numbers at home.

As we have all worked hard it was tricky to choose this week's assembly awards. This week Eleanor showed us as always she is very polite and helpful. Hannah always works so hard and has enjoyed producing fantastic work in ICT some great pictures Hannah-well done! Martha did some brilliant work in her RE drawing a super picture of when we went to mass, you remembered lots Martha- well done!

Children thank you for your excellent behaviour in mass you all did so well, keep up the good work.

Parents and carers thank you for your continued support

Miss O'Connor smiley

Week 1    Ourselves

WOW! What an amazing first week at school, we have been very busy! We are soo proud of you children you have followed our golden rules very well. This week we all got the courtesy and good work for an amazing start to school life. The star writers this week were Emily and Ruby they both wrote fantastic 'I like' sentences.

Hope you all have a great and fun weekend see you all Monday.

Miss O'Connor

Picture 1 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 2 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 3 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 4 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 5 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 6 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 7 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 8 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 9 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 10 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 11 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 12 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 13 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 14 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 15 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 16 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 17 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 18 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 19 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 20 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 21 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 22 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 23 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 24 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 25 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 26 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 27 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 28 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 29 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 30 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 31 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 32 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 33 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 34 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 35 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 36 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 37 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 38 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 39 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 40 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 41 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 42 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 43 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 44 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 45 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 46 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 47 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 48 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 49 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 50 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 51 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 52 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 53 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 54 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 55 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 56 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 57 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 58 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 59 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 60 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 61 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 62 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 63 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 64 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 65 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 66 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 67 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 68 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 69 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 70 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 71 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 72 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 73 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 74 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 75 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 76 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 77 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 78 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 79 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 80 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 81 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 82 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 83 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 84 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 85 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 86 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 87 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 88 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 89 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 90 Sundown Adventure Land!
Picture 91 Pirate Day
Picture 92 Pirate Day
Picture 93 Pirate Day
Picture 94 Pirate Day
Picture 95 Pirate Day
Picture 96 Pirate Day
Picture 97 Pirate Day
Picture 98 Pirate Day
Picture 99 Pirate Day
Picture 100 Pirate Day
Picture 101 Pirate Day
Picture 102 Pirate Day
Picture 103 Pirate Day
Picture 104 Pirate Day
Picture 105 Pirate Day
Picture 106 Pirate Day
Picture 107 Pirate Day
Picture 108 Pirate Day
Picture 109 Pirate Day
Picture 110 Pirate Day
Picture 111 Pirate Day
Picture 112 Pirate Day
Picture 113 Pirate Day
Picture 114 Pirate Day
Picture 115 Pirate Day
Picture 116 Pirate Day
Picture 117 Pirate Day
Picture 118 Pirate Day
Picture 119 Pirate Day
Picture 120 Pirate Day
Picture 121 Pirate Day
Picture 122 Pirate Day
Picture 123 Pirate Day
Picture 124 Pirate Day
Picture 125 Pirate Day
Picture 126 Pirate Day
Picture 127 Pirate Day
Picture 128 Pirate Day
Picture 129 Pirate Day
Picture 130 Pirate Day
Picture 131 A little trip to Hilltop Shops
Picture 132 A little trip to Hilltop Shops
Picture 133 A little trip to Hilltop Shops
Picture 134 A little trip to Hilltop Shops
Picture 135 Making our own slide
Picture 136 Making our own slide
Picture 137 Making our own slide
Picture 138 Making our own slide
Picture 139 Day 2
Picture 140 Day 2
Picture 141 Day 2
Picture 142 Day 2
Picture 143 Day 2
Picture 144 Day 2
Picture 145 Day 2
Picture 146 Day 2
Picture 147 Day 2
Picture 148 Day 2
Picture 149 Day 2
Picture 150 Day 2
Picture 151 Day 2
Picture 152 Day 2
Picture 153 Day 2
Picture 154 We have named this Chick Poland
Picture 155 Day 2
Picture 156 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 157 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 158 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 159 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 160 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 161 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 162 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 163 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 164 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 165 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 166 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 167 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 168 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 169 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 170 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 171 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 172 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 173 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 174 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 175 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 176 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 177 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 178 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 179 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 180 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 181 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 182 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 183 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 184 Our eggs have hatched!
Picture 185 World book day
Picture 186 World book day
Picture 187 World book day
Picture 188 World book day
Picture 189 World book day
Picture 190 World book day
Picture 191 World book day
Picture 192 World book day
Picture 193 World book day
Picture 194 World book day
Picture 195 World book day
Picture 196 World book day
Picture 197 World book day
Picture 198 World book day
Picture 199 World book day
Picture 200 World book day
Picture 201 World book day
Picture 202 World book day
Picture 203 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 204 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 205 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 206 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 207 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 208 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 209 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 210 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 211 Dear Zoo
Picture 212 Dear Zoo
Picture 213 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 214 Our Animals from our class Assembly
Picture 215 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 216 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 217 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 218 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 219 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 220 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 221 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 222 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 223 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 224 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 225 Our clay Lady Birds
Picture 226 Lady Bird Painting
Picture 227 Lady Bird Painting
Picture 228 Pancake Day! Yummy
Picture 229 Pancake Day! Yummy
Picture 230 Pancake Day! Yummy
Picture 231 Painting outside
Picture 232 Painting outside
Picture 233 Painting outside
Picture 234 Painting outside
Picture 235 Painting outside
Picture 236 Painting outside
Picture 237 RE - Celebrations
Picture 238 RE - Celebrations
Picture 239 RE - Celebrations
Picture 240 RE - Celebrations
Picture 241 Dear Zoo
Picture 242 Dear Zoo
Picture 243 Dear Zoo
Picture 244 Dear Zoo
Picture 245 Jungle animals in P.E
Picture 246 Jungle animals in P.E
Picture 247 Jungle animals in P.E
Picture 248 Jungle animals in P.E
Picture 249 Independent Writing!
Picture 250 Jungle Animals - what a super elephant!
Picture 251 Making Jungle Animals
Picture 252 Our Advent display
Picture 253 Tall and short
Picture 254 Look at my tall tower!
Picture 255 Making tall and short towers!
Picture 256 Look how we build!
Picture 257 Building towers that are tall and short
Picture 258 Together, we tried to make our towers the same
Picture 259 Finding jungle animlas in the sand tray
Picture 260 Away in a manger
Picture 261 Away in a manger
Picture 262 Away in a manger
Picture 263 Away in a manger
Picture 264 Away in a manger
Picture 265 Away in a manger
Picture 266 Christmas
Picture 267 Christmas
Picture 268 Christmas
Picture 269 Christmas
Picture 270 Our Christmas play
Picture 271 Our Christmas play
Picture 272 Our Christmas play
Picture 273 Our Christmas play
Picture 274 Our Christmas play
Picture 275 Our Christmas play
Picture 276 Our Christmas play
Picture 277 Our Christmas play
Picture 278 Our Christmas play
Picture 279 Our Christmas play
Picture 280 Our Christmas play
Picture 281 Our Christmas play
Picture 282 Our Christmas play
Picture 283 Our Christmas play
Picture 284 Our Christmas play
Picture 285 Our Christmas play
Picture 286 Our Christmas play
Picture 287 Our Christmas play
Picture 288 Our Christmas play
Picture 289 Our Christmas play
Picture 290 Our Christmas play
Picture 291 Our Christmas play
Picture 292 Our Christmas play
Picture 293 Our Christmas play
Picture 294 Our Christmas play
Picture 295 Our Christmas play
Picture 296 Our Christmas play
Picture 297 Our Christmas play
Picture 298 Our Christmas play
Picture 299 Our Christmas play
Picture 300 Our Christmas play
Picture 301 Our Christmas play
Picture 302 Our Christmas play
Picture 303 Our Christmas play
Picture 304 Our Christmas play
Picture 305 Our Christmas play
Picture 306 Away in a Manger!
Picture 307 Away in a Manger!
Picture 308 Away in a Manger!
Picture 309 Away in a Manger!
Picture 310 Away in a Manger!
Picture 311 Decorating the tree!
Picture 312 Decorating the tree!
Picture 313 Decorating the tree!
Picture 314 Decorating the tree!
Picture 315 Decorating the tree!
Picture 316 Decorating the tree!
Picture 317 Christmas crafts
Picture 318 Christmas crafts
Picture 319 Christmas crafts
Picture 320 Christmas crafts
Picture 321 Christmas crafts
Picture 322 Christmas crafts
Picture 323 Christmas crafts
Picture 324 Christmas crafts
Picture 325 Christmas crafts
Picture 326 Christmas crafts
Picture 327 Christmas crafts
Picture 328 Christmas crafts
Picture 329 Christmas crafts
Picture 330 Christmas crafts
Picture 331 Christmas crafts
Picture 332 Christmas crafts
Picture 333 Christmas crafts
Picture 334 Christmas crafts
Picture 335 Christmas crafts
Picture 336 Christmas crafts
Picture 337 Advent Wreath
Picture 338 Advent Wreath
Picture 339 Advent Wreath
Picture 340 Shape work!
Picture 341 Shape work!
Picture 342 Shape work!
Picture 343 Shape work!
Picture 344 Firework pictures
Picture 345 Wow!
Picture 346 Giving our pumpkin a face
Picture 347 Giving our pumpkin a face
Picture 348 Messy play
Picture 349 Messy play
Picture 350 Writing a halloween spell
Picture 351 Writing a halloween spell
Picture 352 Bonfire party
Picture 353 Halloween
Picture 354 Yummy!
Picture 355 Yummy fruit
Picture 356 Doll house fun
Picture 357 Yummy
Picture 358 Handa's Surprise
Picture 359 Handa's Surprise
Picture 360 Handa's Surprise
Picture 361 Handa's Surprise
Picture 362 Handa's Surprise
Picture 363 Handa's Surprise
Picture 364 Handa's Surprise
Picture 365 Fruit time!
Picture 366 Fruit time!
Picture 367 Making the letter 'n' with our bodies
Picture 368 Having fun
Picture 369 Building
Picture 370 Number time. BIG and Small
Picture 371 Number time. BIG and Small
Picture 372 Having fun
Picture 373 Trains
Picture 374 Row Row Row your boat!
Picture 375 Row Row Row your boat!
Picture 376 Number time
Picture 377 Outside fun
Picture 378 Outside fun
Picture 379 Outside fun
Picture 380 Making skeletons!
Picture 381 Building!