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Exploring fish of the sea and river with Mr Warrener as he is a Fishmonger at Eastwood Morrisons.

Once upon a time


During this topic we have been looking at these stories so far

The Three Little Pigs

The Gingerbread Man

Goldilocks and Three Bears

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been building houses and eating Gingerbread men, we retold these traditional stories using puppets and masks.

The children planted their own bean ready to climb and we have been sorting bears into order of size.

Out and About into the Community.

We went to Hilltop where we explored all of the shops and tried to guess what they might sell.

We then went into Stacey's Bakery where we all brought a Gingerbread Man.

We have also visited our local park during our Once upon a time topic.

We took our Teddy bears for a picnic and played on the park.

Elmer day! Lets Celebrate being different and special!

Let's have a look at some of the things we've been doing so far...​

Super me! We have really enjoyed reading 'Super Sue' this week. We have learnt that we are Super too!


We loved dressing up as superheroes - can you see us flying through the air in the pictures?


super us 


We've also been busy making superheroes with shapes!

Superhero Shapes

We Are All Super!

This week we have loved reading 'Funnybones'. We have made our own actions and pictures to help us retell the story.


We've also been digging for 'Funnybones' in the sand and we made our very own 'Funnybones' character.


We've also been learning about our own bodies - we now know that our ribs help protect our heart and lungs and our skull protects our amazing brains! 

 In PE we have been exploring lots of different ways to move. Did you know that you can move your hands, arms, legs, feet, toes, heads and hips all in lots of different ways?


It has also been lots of fun trying to find different ways to hold a balance. Sometimes holding those balances are hard!​

Moving and balancing

We have really enjoyed exploring different ways of writing our names, using different tools, materials and surfaces.  


We've been practicing our letter sounds by printing, tracing, collaging, colouring and painting them. We have even used plastic lids, water, chalk, toothbrushes, feathers, sponges, magnets, lolly sticks and cars! 



 Our first Collective Worship was lots of fun as well as making us think about how special we are. We each held a paper handprint and said; "God knows me and thinks I am precious'.  We understand that God is always there to give us a helping hand. The children made an impression of their hand in some clay and carved their name on it as a symbol to show how precious we are to God.


At the end of our worship we each got to hold the cross and say a special prayer; 'Thank you Lord for giving me this lovely new day'.



We also learnt about some of the symbols that we use in RE. We now understand why we look at the cross and the candle to say our prayers.


We have learnt how to make the sign of the cross and that the candle reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. ​


In RE we've also been thinking about who is precious to us. To show others how special they are we made cards and biscuits for them. We also talked about our families and how they keep us safe. We made a safe warm bed for our baby in our class.







God Loves Us All

We have all made a promise to follow our classroom rules. Can you see how fantastic we are at following the rules!

Can you guess which rule we are following in each picture?

We have had a very busy week learning how to live healthily! We have been reading lots of stories that have taught us how to be healthy. for example 'Doctor Dog', one of our favourites! We have also enjoyed making healthy snacks during cooking on Fridays.


We have also enjoyed reading 'Handa's Suprise' this week. It was lots of fun tasting the different fruits and counting fruit in maths. The story has also helped to teach us a little bit about Africa.​ We have been very busy making African fruit baskets and necklaces like the one that Handa wears in the story.



Also this week we have been exploring repeating patterns in maths. To link with our healthy living topic, we made fruit kebabs using a repeating pattern; e.g. apple, grape, orange, apple, grape, orange...etc


This week we have been reading 'Monkey Puzzle' and learning all about why families are different.


In RE this week we've also been learning about how we welcome new babies into our families and into our church family. A big thank you to Niamh's mummy for bringing baby James into school to meet our class! We learnt how Niamh's family prepared to welcome James by buying him special things that he would need once he was born. We talked about the importance of love and care that new babies need. We also got to meet Mrs Richmond's twins who are now one year old. It was fascinating to see how much a baby grows and changes in just a year!


We then explored how babies are welcomed into the church family through Baptism. We enjoyed looking at our baby pictures and talked about the pictures of us being Baptised. Below are some videos that can help you to learn more about Baptism too!