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We hope you have all had a fantastic half term holiday. Welcome back our Spring 2 topic is Minibeasts and Monsters.


Week 1 The Hungry Caterpillar


We read and retold the story of the hungry caterpillar. We made our own caterpillars printing them with carrots. We made paper plate life cycles to show how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

RE gathering- In this topic we have learnt how we gather at mass the words and actions that we say. We have shown what we have learnt through fantastic role play. We made fantastic welcome to our church posters we did this in pairs and had lots of good ideas. mail


Week 2 The Bad Tempered Ladybird


We painted our own paper plate ladybirds, and made clay ladybirds. In our Literacy lessons we have labelled the parts of the ladybird using the sounds that we now know. In maths makes sense we have been adding half and we now know that adding two half cups makes a whole cup.

Week 2 Rumble in the Jungle-


Children we can see how much your progressing in your learning, well done. This week we have made our own binoculars so that we can find our favourite jungle animals in our outside play area. We have all painted our favourite animals using the 2simple software. Our guided reading was fun this week we liked making our own rhymes up too! This week our awards went to
Courtesy- Jamie for being helpful and polite
Good Work-Kay has worked so hard in every area of the curriculum.
Star writer- Harry B for super news writing, he ate all his breakfast well done Harry.
Maths Makes Sense- Ella has built some super tall and short towers, Wow!

Next week our learning will be based around the story of Dear Zoo.

Week 1 - Down in the Jungle


Wow! Children we have had such a busy first week back. We have been dancing to the down in the jungle song in PE. Using paper plates to make a bear mask for a brown bear brown bear. We have made party balloons and talked about celebrations in RE. We are very excited about looking at everyone's celebration photographs next week. Using materials we have made the igloo into a cave for a bear, next week we are going to write signs and labels for our cave. We have made 3d trees to create a rainforest.
On Friday we had our school mass, children you did so well making the sign of the cross, joining in with parts of the hymns and sitting like superstars.

Next week our learning will be based around the story Rumble in the Jungle, class letters are on the bottom of the page if you need to take a look.  

See you all next week  smiley

We hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and are excited to come back to school. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year! Can we say a huge thank you to the parents who have made our igloo we can't wait to play in it when we get back to school, look out for our photographs.

Children we had such a busy last few weeks before Christmas. Well done for performing so well in the Nativity everyone really enjoyed hearing you sing and say your words. I know we are all so proud of you. This coming term our learning activities will be based around the topics Down in the Jungle and On the Farm. Please can you return your planning sheet to school this week if you need another copy you can find one at the bottom of the page or have any questions please catch us at the end of the school day. We are looking forward to another term packed full of exciting learning.
See you all on Monday.
Weeks 2,3 & 4     Percy the park keeper, Owl babies and Birthdays

We have had three lovely weeks, we have read the story of Percy Park Keeper - After the Storm and made a fantastic park and homes for the animals.
We have read the Owl babies and made our own owl sock puppets, these are displayed in our classroom.
RE- this week we have started our new topic: Birthdays, in this topic we will be talking about our own birthday parties. Next week we will be thinking about Advent and how we can get ready for the birth of Jesus.
Week 1        Celebrations

This week we have been making our own party food using the clay, it was very messy!! We have read the story room on the broom and enjoyed acting it out. We have made paper plate spiders, which you can see displayed in our outside play area. Also we have written labels for our own ingredients to make spells. We are getting really good at hearing and writing the initial sounds in words, well done children. We were also very excited about Bonfire night we spoke about and wrote about any we have attended. We planned and organised our own Bonfire party in the outside role play.  This week our good work award goes to Jacob for trying extremely hard with his reading and for remembering to put up his hand when he has something to say on the carpet.Madison has been working so hard this week on her adding she likes writing her own maths stories too, she gets this weeks maths makes sense award. Our star writer goes to Jamie, he is fantastic at using his sounds to write new words. 

Thank you for another lovely week children, see you all next week. Don't forget everyone it's our Nativity performance on Tuesday 9th December we can't wait to see you there.

Mrs Jolly

Week 5   My History

This week we have been drawing our families and finger painting frames to put them in. In RE we have thought about the things we needed when we were a baby and the things we need now.  We have been selling fruits and vegetables in the Greengrocer role play. We decided to make sock puppets of our pets and designed and made our own puppet shows. In number time we have been practicing positional language, on top, behind and next to. Our PE has been fun, we have played a new pirate game. Next week we hope to add more instructions to our game. We know a lot about how exercise makes our body feel.  This week we have all worked so hard so it was difficult to choose our award winners. Jack has the maths makes sense award this week for his super work with positional language. Kay has used the easy speak microphones to retell his favourite stories.Harry has been trying hard to follow our golden rules. Mishel  takes the star writer award for writing some super wonderful news.


Mrs Jollyno
Week 4                    Handa's Surprise  
This week we have focused our learning around the story of Handa's Surprise. We have made and painted our own 3d fruits for Handa's basket. We have explored how to make different fruits using playdough. We had fun tasting some of the fruits from Handa's basket, we described how they tasted and talked about which fruit we liked the best. This is our second week of cooking, we have been to hilltop to buy ingredients with Mrs Warrener. In the coming weeks more children will have the opportunity to cook and taste. We have discussed some of the foods we need to keep healthy. We really liked playing the healthy lunchbox game too!
We continue to develop our skills in PE and this week we worked in partners. We practised our hopping and skipping and we were fantastic. Well done to everyone this week for their super hard work. This week our awards went to Mishel and Amelia for their excellent sound work when writing their wonderful news, well done girls! Sian is always so courteous and kind to her firends. Her smile cheers up everyone, thank you Sian. Jamie continues to always try his best in every area of our curriculum, keep up the good work Jamie. Dmitriy has showed his super maths skills, he was able to find one less than numbers up to 20.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

Mrs Jolly       Mrs Warrenerfrown


We have read and retold the Funnybones story using pictures. We have had lots of fun making our own skeletons we used Art straws to create these. You can see our skeleton display in the school.  In maths we have been learning big, medium and small and we have made a giant collage of ourselves. We have investigated how to measure and make predictions.
We have made 3d funnybone houses for the dark dark street. In RE we have been sorting happy and sad situations and talking about why and when we might feel like this. 
In PE we have been riding on our bikes to warm up our bodies and we have been practising the skills of side stepping and skipping. If you have time you could play follow my leader at home to practise and develop these skills even more.

This week our awards went to Natalia for her super hard work in phonics, she remembered how to spell and, WOW!  Jorja has been making a number line using numbers 0-10 and so she gets our marvellous maths award this week.

Another very busy week Reception, next week we will be basing our learning activities around the story of Handa's Surprise. We're looking forward to tasting and describing different fruits.

Mrs Jolly        smiley     Mrs Warrener

Week 2 

This week we have been busy making a class eye colour chart. We found that most children have brown eyes in our class. Also we have been counting different amounts of socks and putting them into the correct pairs. We have spoke about someone special and we have produced fantastic paintings of them which are displayed on our RE wall. We are very proud! 
Myself and Mrs Warrener were very proud of how well you all concentrated in your first ever mass. 

Thank you for another fantastic week children, see you all on Monday.

Mrs Jolly                  Mrs Warrener

Week 1

Our award winners are the whole class for their super good work during their very first week at school.
Our star writers are,
They have all written some super wonderful news, well done children. Hope you have all had a fun weekend.

Mrs Jolly                Mrs Warrener

Spring term 2 Newsletter