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Welcome to Lindisfarne

We are Year 2

Mrs Kelly, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Roberts and Miss B are our teachers.

Lighthouse Big Writing project.

For our Big Writing over the next few days we are going to be planning and writing our 'Lighthouse' stories. We have watched the Lighthouse animation and based lots of our Literacy work on it over the last two weeks. 

Here is the lighthouse animation to watch at home. Maybe you could talk about what happens in the story, any wow words that you could use or the feelings of the characters at different times in the story. What dialogue will you include in your story? 

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director: Stefan Wernik. Technical director: Matt Ebb. Animators: Jeremy Davidson, Lee Salvemini. Produced at ProMotion and Exopolis by Michael McCarthy and James Neale. Executive producers: Ernie Schenck, Bryan Sweeney, Scott Hainline.

'Arriba' - Off we go to Mexico!

Summer 1 Topic



Where is Mexico? How would you travel there?

In which continent would you find Mexico?

What would it be like to live in the small town of Tocuaro in Mexico?

How would it be similar and different to living in Eastwood?


Let's explore the story of Adelita - A Mexican Cinderella

Mini-beast Hunting

We had a lovely afternoon investigating different micro-habitats around school to see what mini-beasts we could find. We used a data logger to measure light and temperature levels in each micro-habitat and then took great care to catch and record the different types of creatures we found.

We dug, lifted stones, did a tree shake and a grass sweep - a super time was had by all in the sunshine.

Lindisfarne Class visit to Sherwood Forest.


Our visit took place on Friday and we were blessed with a beautiful, warm, spring day with plenty of sunshine.  We met Robert and he told us some amazing stories about the legend of Robin Hood whilst walking through the forest towards the Major Oak. We learned lots about how people used to live, dress and eat in Medieval times and along with laughing lots, we explored the forest and made some superb natural sculptures.  It really was a great day where we learned lots and also got to appreciate the great outdoors! 

All of the teachers of Lindisfarne class are extremely proud of how well you represented our school as were the staff at the Visitor centre!  They were really impressed with your general knowledge, your enthusiasm and how happy you all were! 

Well done everyone :)

Superb Robin Hood Homework Projects

Summer 1 Homework Project - Hand in Monday 4th June

Spring Term Topic Plans Year 2

Attendance Award!


At the end of the Spring Term, Lindisfarne Class won the school's attendance award!  We were all super proud and looked forward to celebrating this achievement with a treat in the summer term. We waited for a lovely, sunny afternoon and spent some of it on the top field playing games and being active with our friends.

Check out the photographs below!

Computing - The Micro-bit

Monday 26th March


Today we have been furthering our work from science week by learning how to program a micro-bit device to 'help NASA' with its launch systems for rockets into space. We were able to create a simple program, download it to the micro-bit so that movement sensors would mean a warning sign was displayed for the rockets.

Well done everyone.




Class Worship -Thursday 15th March.

Another super class worship today all about loving God's planet and everything in it. We gathered together whilst singing 'Love song to the Earth' and we watched the wonderful video that accompanied the song. The children had made fantastic posters about how they could look after God's world and came up with ideas like: Feeding the birds, throwing their litter in the bin and recycling. The worship group had also written a super prayer that linked to our work in science week; asking God to help scientists to find cures for diseases and to find ways of helping the poor and needy people of the world. The focal point of our Liturgy was covered in the children's posters and also shells and stones which are part of our planet. An absolutely lovely class worship guys!  Very well done!

Class Worship - Thursday 15th March.

Lindisfarne Class Assembly - 14th March 2018.

Our class assembly today had links to many areas of our learning! We were able to combine aspects of Science and Engineering week, with caring for God's creations and also our literacy work on the stories by Anthony Browne.  We told our favourite story of Willy the Wimp and watched clips about how scientists make robots to find out more about orangutans in the wild.  The singing and poetry performances were also wonderful!

Congratulations on such a fabulous effort guys, we really are proud of you all. Also a huge well done to Mrs Harrison for tying all the areas of our learning together, and a big thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to watch. 

willy the wimp story film.wmv

Still image for this video

Class Worship - Thursday 8th March 2018.

This weeks class worship was all about showing love and care. To begin with, the children made the sign of the cross on each other's foreheads.  Another really special part of our worship was when the worship team had made small paper hearts for everyone and we all had one that we held against our hearts and we reflected on how we could show love and care to one another. We then all placed out hearts on the focal point. What a creative idea! Check out the photos below!

Class Worship - Love and Care.

Creating castles!

Today we began our new topic and started to learn all about castles.  We talked about the different parts of a castle, their jobs and then we made castles from Lego. We tried really hard to include all of the features of castles that we had learned about. What a fab afternoon!

World Book Day 2018.


We celebrated World Book day a week later than planned because of all the snow!  Lindisfarne Class all came dressed up as their favourite book characters and looked amazing!   It was great going up in the hall and looking at the costumes of children in other classes! Some children also bought books into school and swapped them with other children - raising money for our school at the same time too! Check out our photos below!

We love reading stories by Anthony Browne...

Spring 1 Homework Project - Hand in Monday 12th February

Tuesday 13th February

We shared our homework projects with Mr Harrison today and presented all our research about the capital cities of Great Britain - super effort everyone, well done

Dino Day in Lindisfarne Class!

Our Dino day was inspired by the Loch Ness Monster story that we have been learning about in Literacy. We were all so intrigued as to whether Nessy was a dinosaur, that we wanted to find out more! We had a fab day and made our own fossils and even handled real ones, that were millions of years old!  Check out our photos below.

Dino Day continued!


On Dino day we all wore non-school uniform and came dressed in dinosaur costumes or clothes that were dinosaur coloured.  We made masks and Dino soundscapes based on pictures we had seen of what the landscape was like in prehistoric times.  We painted these, added dinosaurs, waterfalls and volcanoes and then used percussion instruments to add sound effects. We loved performing these to each other and we all made some super instrument choices to create the sounds for out soundscapes.

Tuesday 6th February - Safer Internet Day

Today we have been learning about how to stay safe online. We shared the story of 'Three Little Monsters' and learned about the effects of posting unkind comments online. We also learned what you can do if something online upsets you ('if you see it, leave it and tell someone') and how we should treat each other online. We drew pictures of what we love about our school. Each child then chose someone else's picture and posted a positive comment on their art work.

We all agreed how happy these positive comments made us feel

and really enjoyed passing on a compliment!  nosmiley

Take a look...

Music in Year 2.


This week we have been exploring Scottish myths even further by using our voices and body percussion to represent the Loch Ness Monster. After reading the story we looked at pictures of the monster and discussed whether or not we thought it was real. We then moved around the room to the music and performed our dances to the rest of the class.

After this we put together a series of sounds using our voices and bodies and performed this in rounds. We then investigated the sounds made by different instruments and thought carefully about what the instruments were called, how they can be played in different ways to create different sounds and what parts of the Loch Ness Monster they could represent.  It was great fun as well as being very noisy :)

Check out our photos below!

Class Worship - Thursday 1st February 2018


Miss B helped the collective worship team this week on the planning and delivery of our collective worship which was all about trust - How we can trust one another and trust in God. The session started with some calm music and a beautiful waterfall on the interactive white board, which made our session seem very tranquil. The children read beautifully and had prepared role plays and some super drawings of how we can show we trust others - fantastic job! See the photos below!

Class Worship - 01.02.18

Class Worship - Thursday 25th January 2018.


This week's Class Worship Team did a fantastic job at preparing a liturgy all about their favourite Bible stories.  They spent a long time drawing pictures to show the others in our class and these looked fantastic on the focal centre piece during our worship. Check out he photos below!

Class Worship 25.1.18

23/1/18 Developing our skills to make frameworks, wheels, axles, doors and windows for our model vehicles.

Friday 19th January 2018.


Today we have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes and using the mathematical terminology: faces, vertices, vertex and edges. In mixed ability pairs we worked with cubes, cuboids, cones, square-based pyramids, spheres and cylinders. We used play dough to make counting them a little easier! 

19th January 2018 - Investigating the properties of 3D shapes.

Thursday 19th January 2018.


This week's class worship linked really closely with how we greet the gospel and the work we have been doing on this in our RE sessions. We sang the Alleluia to begin with and listened to the children telling the story of the Baptism of Jesus and how he resisted temptation in the desert.  Then the children performed 2 lovely role plays about how to make the right choices. Our mission was to think carefully about our choices in our everyday lives and follow the example that Jesus showed us.  Well done children, a super collective worship today!  Check out the pictures below of the children delivering our Class Worship. 

Class Worship - 18 January 2018

Tuesday 16th January

Katie Morag needs our help. Her family needs a vehicle to help them deliver goods, parcels and letters around the Island of Struay.

In Year 2 we have been gathering ideas to design and make a prototype delivery vehicle for Katie Morag. We have been practising our measuring and sawing skills to help make the vehicle framework.

We have also been testing different materials to see which has the best grip, for making the wheels.

Lots of super skills and teamwork today - well done Year 2.

Christmas Party Information 2017

Autumn Term Topic Plans for Year 2

Autumn 2 Homework Project Complete for Monday 18th December

Find out about our Key Stage 1 Nativity

The Owl and The PussyCat.

Tuesday 12th December

We have been developing our science investigations skills: making predictions, planning, testing, measuring, recording and explaining results to find out which material would be best to make a bucket to carry water for putting out a great fire! Look at our hunt for the best, waterproof material.

Monday 4th December


We are getting very excited about sharing our Nativity Play 

with you next week and we have been very busy making

Christmas prayer baubles, paper chains, party hats and Christmas trees for our special nativity display.

Weighing objects in the classroom.

Thursday 30th November 2017.


Today we have been working in small groups to weigh a selection of objects from around the classroom.

We estimated what the objects might weigh and talked carefully about the scale on the weighing scales.

Weighing objects.

Class worship.

Thursday 23rd November 2017.


Our class worship today was all about being part of God's kingdom.  The children told us all about how we can show we are part of God's kingdom and the Mission for us all was to go home and do something extra to help our families, pets and the planet, to prove we are part of God's kingdom.

The children loved using stones to pray with and said the worship team read from scripture clearly and created a super centre piece for us to focus on. The music at the beginning was very calming - a super job by Mrs Roberts and today's team!

23rd November - Class worship.

Big Writing clip - Mog's Christmas Calamity!

Still image for this video
This week in big writing, we will be retelling the epic story of Mog's Christmas Calamity. We will be focussing on writing a beginning, middle and end; saying, writing, reading and checking our sentences and also making sure our writing is just as exciting as the video by using wow words, conjunctions and adverbs! Watch the video below and talk to an adult about how you can make your story the best it can be!

Fizz Bang!

What can we learn about The Great Fire of London?

Autumn 2 Topic


Key Stage 1 Class Mass.


On Thursday 9th November, the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 invited their parents and carers into school to celebrate Mass with Father Berry. 

The Mass was based around the signs and symbols linked to infant Baptism; which had been our RE focus over the past few weeks.  Many thanks to all of the people that came to join us: Father Berry, Mrs Georgina Taylor and all of the parents and carers. We hope you enjoyed the readings, homily and the beautiful hymns and songs.  We're really pleased you could join us!

Key Stage 1 - Class Mass.

Take a look at our learning in Come & See.

Wild Things Homework Project Sharing

Monday 30th October


A wonderful effort everyone! We really enjoyed sharing our homework projects and all our independent learning. We had creative models of wild islands, some excellent poetry, disgusting monster recipes and very detailed factual research about different wild creatures. Fantastic!

Amazing Homework Projects by Lindisfarne - we are independent enquirers!

Year 2 Homework Project Autumn 1


Autumnal Faces in the style of Giuseppe Archimboldo.

Friday 13th October.


In art this half term we have been looking at the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo.  We have made fruity faces, drawn self portraits and have viewed and evaluated his works of art. We created autumnal faces using nature today and are really proud of what we achieved. We were careful to think about proportions of the faces and we chose materials that were similar shapes to the features we were creating.

Everyone Health!


Today we were really lucky to have a special visitor in school from Everyone Health, his name was Adam.  We had a talk all about healthy eating and looked at the Eat Well Plate. We talked about vitamins and minerals and how we all need to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. We then went outside onto the playground and did some exercise which is also great for keeping our bodies in top shape! Check out our pictures below!

Everyone health day with Adam!

What's the time Mr. Wolf? 

Thursday 12th October.


We have had great fun today discussing how to play games fairly and extending our knowledge of playground games that we can play with our friends. We all worked in groups and followed instructions on how to play 'What's the time Mr. Wolf?'  The sun was shining, we all played fairly and now have a new game to play at break times!  Check out our pictures below!

Science - Growing Up & Staying Healthy

Tuesday 10th October

We have been learning about all the things we need to stay healthy:

a balanced diet, a good nights sleep, exercise and keeping clean.

Take a look at our eat-well plates.

Eat Well Plates

We have been learning playground games and writing instructions for them in literacy. Fab fun!

Writing instructions with our special visitor.

Friday 6th October.


This week we have been looking at the features of instructional texts.  We have acted out animal escape plans, made and written instructions for super sandwiches and on Friday we met Bear the  hamster. She belongs to Mrs Kelly's children and for big writing we cleaned Bear out and wrote instructions about it.  We also had fun playing with Bear and she even had one of our snacks from playtime (a lovely carrot!)

Lindisfarne Class meet Bear the hamster!


Tuesday 3rd October - Animal Escape Plans

Super reading and role-play work in Year 2 - well done everyone.

We have been learning about what makes 'best' instructions.

We can read short, clear, command sentences with imperative verbs and we can act out instructions for 'Animal Escape Plans.'

Healthy fruit snacks.

Thursday 29th September 2017.


For the first part of this half term we have been discussing what makes a healthy diet and through looking at the eat well plate, we've recognised that fruit and vegetables are really good for our health.  With this in mind, we tasted a variety of fruits and decided on our 4 most favourites.  Today we made these into a healthy fruit salad, which we took home to show to and share with our families.  We did lots of chopping, washing and took the stalks out of strawberries in an amazing way with a straw!

Check out the photographs below of us in action!

Year 2 DT work - Making healthy fruit salads.

Arty Self Portraits.

7th September 2017.


During our first week together as Year 2s, we have been finding out all about each other, including what we look like.  We used mirrors to look at our faces in detail and talked about how to create a self portrait. We studied how different parts of our faces relate to each other in size and position.  We drew the most fantastic sketches in our sketch books and then created larger versions of these using paint for a display in our classroom. Check out the photographs below to see us in action!

Lindisfarne Self Portraits.