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Home learning overview week commencing 18.1.21

Resources uploaded on class dojo.

Home learning overview week commencing 11.1.21

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Home learning overview week commencing 4.1.21

Resources sent on class dojo.

Roman mosaics 

To conclude our Roman topic we made Roman mosaics. We designed them on the Ipads and then made them using ceramic tiles, adhesive and grout. 

Take a look at our photos. 


Weight and mass

We have learnt the difference between mass and weight. We measured the mass of different objects which we measure in grams or kilograms. Weight is the size of the gravitational pull on that object and it is measured in Newtons with a Newton meter. Take a look at our photos.


Air resistance and water resistance 

We investigated which parachute had the most air resistance. We timed how long it look for three different sized parachutes to fall 2m. The largest parachute took the longest time to fall because it has the most air resistance fighting against the gravitational pull. 

We learnt that water resistance works in the opposite direction to driving forces in the water. We can minimise the effect of water resistance by making boats streamlined.
Take a look at our air resistance investigation and the streamlined boats we made at home.

Climate change 

Today we have learnt about climate change and the impact it has on the earth. We have learnt what we can do to slow the impact of climate change. We have tweeted our work to Sir David Attenborough. I hope he likes it!