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Welcome to Lourdes Class

We are Year Five


Mr Ward, Mrs Gubric and Mrs Giddens are our teachers.


Welcome to our class page! We are really looking forward to a year of new challenges, hard work and lots of fun. Please check this page regularly to keep up-to-date with what we have been learning in class and for class newsletters.



Greek Toga Party - Thursday 21st June 2018

Priceless Pots: Check out our incredible clay creations...

10 Simple Rules...

Our new topic in RE is called Freedom and Responsibility. We are learning all about Gods rules that help us love in harmony, including: The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Commandment and The Beatitudes. During Learning Focus One, we created collages of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. We created a stunning display of our efforts in the Key Stage Two corridor.

Exploring Techniques to Inform Our Designs

Today we used plasticine to try out different modelling techniques (sgraffito, cut-outs, plaiting, weaving and layering). We rehearsed each method and thought about which techniques we'd like to include in our final designs for our own Greek-inspired pots.

WORKING TOGETHER to piece together the past...

We have started a new topic in art called 'Priceless Pots'. We will be learning about Greek pottery and creating our own Greek-inspired pots. We started the topic by working together to piece together images of broken Greek pots. This helped us to realise that some of the information we have about ancient Greek life has been pieced together by historians by looking at the images on Greek pottery. Some Greek pots have survived thousands of years and some broken artefacts can give us clues about the past. We then had a go at producing some observational drawings of Greek pots from photographs.

Our Residential Trip to Beaumanor - March 2018

Land Buggies

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Land Buggies - Push the Teachers Race

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Land Buggies - Staff vs. Pupils Pulling Race

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Conscience Alley: Why did Judas betray Jesus?

Today, in RE, we explored the motivations of Judas and why he betrayed Jesus. We explored the reasons in class before taking on different roles to persuade Judas to betray Jesus or not in our Conscience Alley activity. We came up with some great questions to share what we wondered about this aspect of the Easter story.

World Book Day - Thursday 8th March 2018

Today we celebrated World Book Day (a week late because of the snow). We all came to school dressed as book characters and we all looked amazing. Throughout the day, we enjoyed a host of reading-based activities. We started with a special assembly in the hall, where the teachers introduced the characters they had come dressed as and shared some of the book. Then we all got a chance to show off our costumes in a Character Catwalk! Back in class, our classroom was set up like a restaurant for a book tasting. We got five minutes at different tables to have a taste of different genres and create mini reviews and a personal reading wish list. Before break, we got to attend the book swap organised by the PTA. Then we created our own potato book characters! We had an incredible day and hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

Our 'Memorial Sacrifice' RE Display...

Mantle of the Expert: Finding out about different Christian denominations in RE

In RE we have been learning about 'Mission'. To end our topic we split into different groups and worked together to research the features and beliefs of different Christian denominations; we became experts in the denomination we chose to research. We then returned to our initial groups and presented the information we collected. We then learned about ecumenism!

Wonder Assembly Script - Wednesday 7th March 2018

Bethlehemian Rhapsody - Our Sing for Santa Surprise

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Can you give reasons for the symbols of the Advent Wreath?

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Today, we put our flower-arranging skills to the test as we made our own mini Advent Wreaths in RE. As we added each element to our wreaths we talked about the symbolism. We are taking our Advent Wreaths home to help us use our time of waiting in Advent well. Can you remember why a circle is used? Why are evergreens used in the Advent Wreaths? What does the holly remind us of? What do the purple candles represent? Why is there also a pink candle? Why is the wreath lit progressively? Can you give any other examples of how we use our time of waiting in Advent?

We have made 'Moving Toys' in our DT lesson. Take a look...

What is the best material to create a brake pad for Billy's bike?

Today, we worked in groups to create a 'Gungan Tribubble Bongo' to transport our Jedi Knights under water. We had to think about using streamlined shapes in order to reduce water resistance and allow the boat to travel through water more quickly. We then timed how long it took for our boats to cross the water tray and recorded our results.

Our Class Mass on the Theme of Kindness - Thursday 5th October 2017

Playing Mancala and Evaluating Instructions - Tuesday 3rd October 2017