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National Science & Engineering Week

We have had a terrific time investigating our school theme: 'Explore the Future' for science week. We began with a visit from the 'Mad Science Team', in Key Stage 1 we made rockets, space putty and met Rover the Robot. In Key Stage 2 the children made their own jitterbug robots and played out robot battles. Each class was given a 'big question' to investigate and today we shared the results of our investigations throughout the week. Knock class made star constellation telescopes and thought about how we look at the stars. Iona thought about foods of the future, they tested organic food - some children preferred it, others could not tell the difference. Did you know the colour of our food affects how we think it will taste? Few children in Iona liked the green yoghurt even though it was no different in taste to the ordinary yoghurt! Lindisfarne designed and tested wind powered cars - thinking about how we will power the transport of the future. (Curved sails with 2 masts were best.) York used pasta and some maths to see how scientists count and protect animals for the future. Assisi designed and tested parachutes - made to help land a space craft safely on Mars - maybe humans will live there one day! Lourdes learned about how satellites and GPS help us communicate around the world. Walsingham did a very important investigation to discover the best place for solar panels at our school (definitely the energy of the future and they need to be south facing.) Pupils have also created designs for making the world a better place in 2114 - sent off to the National Science and Engineering Week Competition. Well done to everyone - we like our science!