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Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium Grant?

The Sports Premium Grant is additional funding from the Government to improve the provision of physical literacy (PE) and sports in Primary schools. It is also for improving the health and well being of primary pupils.

How much is the Sports Premium Grant?

At the Priory we should receive around £9,250 for the academic year 2015/2016.

How will we use the Sports Premium Grant?

This grant will be used to improve the provision for all of our children in the following ways:


  • Continued employment of a play worker. Miss Pike is responsible for the use and organisation of equipment at lunch times, as well as managing the Playground PALS and training them regarding their responsibilities. Mr Cannon contributes to the play worker role on Wednesday lunchtimes.(Cost £3603)
  • Purchasing  and replenishing new play equipment and outdoor PE equipment. (Cost £1000)
  • Employment of an outdoor PE provider (Marc Cannon) to provide quality first PE cover for staff PPA time. (Club Cost £390 per year)
  • Supplementing our fundraising with Olympic Swimmer - Joe Roebuck to purchase all children in school a skipping rope.  This will lead to staff training in skipping activities and the benefits of skipping and whole school/class sessions, with the aim of improving fitness levels throughout school. (Cost TBA following fundraising session).
  • Additional after school club provision. Varied and exciting menu on offer to keep our children fit and healthy. (Cost: £1530)


What is the impact of the Sports Premium Grant?

We continue to monitor the impact of our Sports Premium money throughout the year.  Our expected outcomes from last year were successfully met, and we intend to build on the success of these during 2016.  We have seen the following improvements in school whilst receiving Sport premium funding.


  • Increased opportunities for all of our pupils to access a wider range of PE and Sports.
  • Quality first PE teaching across school. Staff confident in their PE teaching and providing high quality learning opportunities.
  • The development of children as competitive athletes and those that are able to constructively plot their learning journeys in physical education.
  • The role of Play worker has been highly successful.  There are fewer incidences of inappropriate behaviour at lunchtimes. Children have learned new activities and skills; having been supported in their development by the play worker and trained Playground PALS - these children will continued to be supported in their development and responsibilities.
  • A selection of high quality equipment for children to learn and engage with at break, lunchtimes, PE sessions and in after school clubs.
  • Happy, fit and healthy children who are excited about physical activity and want to continue to improve.

Sports Premium Update. Spring 2016.

We are now in our third year of receiving the Sports Premium Grant and are able now to evaluate the impact of spending to date.

Initially, money was spent on training for three key staff members who cascaded the Real PE approach through school.  Since then, from joint observations/pupil interviews with Mr Harrison and Mrs Kelly it is evident that the quality of teaching through school in PE has improved considerably with a greater proportion of lessons being graded as outstanding. This continues to be the case today.  


Staff confidence in this area has increased and so has the children's level of enjoyment; who are now developing their Key Fundamental Skills at a higher level and are able to review their own progress and understand how to continue along their learning journeys more effectively.

Our wide range of after school clubs are still enthusiastically attended with new equipment being purchased to ensure quality sessions for all. (Gymnastics equipment to enable children to extend their technical skills).

How are we spending our Sport's Premium Money this year?

This year we intend to build on the popularity of our after school clubs, keeping them running with the intention of raising the profile of PE further in this Olympic Year. 


We have linked with Sports for Schools and are being visited by Joe Roebuck an Olympic swimmer.  Following this sponsored event, we intend to supplement monies raised using our Sports Premium  allocation.  It is our intention to purchase skipping ropes for all children in school and provide CPD for staff, in developing their children's cardio and coordination skills through varied skipping activities. This will take place in staff meeting time and is to be led by the PE coordinator.


We are continuing to employ play worker: Miss Pike and Mr Cannon on Wednesdays. 


We also intend to make our timber trail more accessible to all, enabling the KS2 children to build their core and upper body strength. In addition to this, we will be purchasing further equipment to be used by all children during lunchtimes. (£1,000)


Miss Pike will continue being our Play worker and will be joined by Mr Cannon on Wednesdays, their role this year has been highly successful  and they will be further supporting/supervising our playground PALs in their roles.   (Cost £5403)

We will also use some of the Sports Premium Money for ongoing arrangements in school like monitoring and further CPD for staff, our membership to the Eastwood & District Primary Schools' Sports Partnership and resources. (Cost up to £800)

The impact of the Sports Premium Grant and Physical Literacy (PE) continues to be monitored by our link Governor Mr. E. Fitzpatrick.