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Transition into Year 2 - Lindisfarne

Year 1 pupils visited their new class, Lindisfarne and met their new teachers: Mrs Hayden, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Roberts on Wednesday 25th June and Thursday 26th June.

We had a fantastic time, we learned about why we are called Lindisfarne - making name plates in the style of the Lindisfarne Gospels and creating a huge class collage of the priory and castle at Holy Island, we did some 'Maths Makes Sense', made time capsules and our class promises ready for next year.

We were very proud of your hard work, good listening, cooperation and some super writing (Mrs Williams is right, you are fab singers) - well done Year 1 - from Mrs Harrison, Mrs Hayden and Mrs Roberts.

See you in September!
Picture 1 We promise to be tidy
Picture 2
Picture 3 We promise to be safe
Picture 4 We promise to share
Picture 5 We promise to be friends
Picture 6 We promise to try our best
Picture 7 We promise to be helpful and polite
Picture 8 We promise to use quiet voices inside
Picture 9 We promise to help each other
Picture 10 We can use big voices outside
Picture 11
Picture 12 Our picture of the priory at Lindisfarne
Picture 13
Picture 14 Thanks Sebastian for helping us!
Picture 15
Picture 16 Creating our name plates
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Fab writing!
Picture 21
Picture 22 Super concentration!