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Wednesday 4th November

Wednesday 4th November

Literacy: They are creating an advertisement poster for a job role to come and help rescue the rabbit- all will be explained on the zoom call in the morning.

Maths: Chilli Challenge- the children need to work through the three questions on the document- they get “spicier” as they progress through. Children can use concrete objects to help them/number lines.
The second task is the code breaker (sheet attached below)- the children need to solve the maths problem to crack the code and write the words underneath.

History: I will do a mini lesson on zoom with them about the Gunpowder plot. They will then need to do the reading comprehension about Guy Fawkes to find out some interesting facts.
The sheets are attached below in their coloured butterfly groups.  


Extra activities:

  • Bonfire mindfulness colouring- attached with the previous day
  • Bonfire wordsearch- attached with the previous day
  • Extra online learning links with fun games
  • Bonfire night isolation project