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Week Commencing 1st February

Our Home Learning Timetable Week Beginning- 1/2/21

Literacy Activities week beginning 1/2/21

  • TurtlesFind out wow facts about turtles

Math's activities for week commencing 01/02/21

Phase 3 Phonics WC: 1/2/21


Monday- watch the clip below, can you write the tricky words I, go, no, into, the? Encourage your child to look at the word, take a photograph then write it down three times in different colours.


Can you create a word hunt around your house, can you read the words as you collect them?

Superstar challenge- Can you think, say and write sentences that contain the tricky words above? 


  • Phonics PlayComplete the game to practise your phase 3 sounds


Can you quick write the sounds that we have practised over the last 2 weeks?

ch, sh, ng, th, ai, ee and igh?

Think of words that contain the sounds above, example words:

chip, shop, ring, thing, rain, feet, light.

Complete the phonics play activities (use the link above) for any sound you need extra practise at! 


New sound to practise today: OO and oo 

In some words it's a long sound like in moon and a short 'u' sound in words like book, look.

Complete one of the 'oo' activities below, you do not need to complete all of them.

oo sound activity

Wednesday- Friday Phonics

Friday- phase 3 reading practise, can you read the words that contain the phase 3 sounds we have practised?

Phase 2 Phonics for week commencing 01/02/21

Our Busy Work Section Week Beginning- 01/02/21

Physical Challenge!

Design an obstacle course at home (if dry you can use your garden!) Then complete your obstacle course- have fun!


-Walk along a straight line (mark out with masking tape or a skipping rope)

-Crawl under 1 dining room chair then over another dining room chair 

-Throw things into a target

- Run back to the start.

Can you include the following in your course, jumping, hopping and skipping? Let us know how you get on.