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Week Commencing 1st March

Welcome to our Learning for Spring term 2 (WC: 1st March)
Our new topic will be Ready, Steady, Grow! We have lots of fun activities planned for this half term. 
This week in Literacy we will be reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We will be looking at life cycles of different animals including butterflies and chicks. 
In phonics we will learn new sounds and words and there will be lots of activities to practise the phase 2/3 sounds and words that we already know too.
In Maths we are going to be looking at 2d shapes and repeating patterns. We will be looking at some trickier 2d shapes and the shapes we see around us in the environment. 
You will find this week's home learning timetable below. 
Any questions please let us know. 
Timetable for week commencing 1st March 2021

Timetable for week 2 new.pdf 
Math's activities for the week commencing 01/03/21

Shapes-Matching-Cards-and-Board- Tuesday 


2d-shape-butterfly-picture-activity- Tuesday 

Wednesday make a 2d shape chick background.pdf 

Wednesday make a 2d shape chick.pdf 

Wednesday 2d shape property powerpoint.pptx 

Friday 2d shape repeating pattern.pdf 
Literacy Activities for Week Commencing- 1/3/21


Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint-Tuesday 


Chicken Life Cycle PowerPoint- Friday 

Thursday 4th March Literacy Task 

Phase 3 Phonics Week Commencing: 1/3/21
Monday Warm up!
How many of the sounds below can you quick write and say aloud?
qu, ch, ai, ee, th, ng, sh, igh, or, ar, ear, air.
LC: Can you read words and sentences that have some of the sounds (above) in?
Read the words below:
Use the questions yes/no to practise your reading. Click on the link below.
Warm up!
How many 'I can' sentences can you write for example 'I can hop, jog, jump'. 
Can you complete this all on your own? 
Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. (An extra dojo for those of you who remember these!  )
Before you write, say you sentence lots of times, talk about how many words and check that you have remembered all of the words in your sentence when you read it back! 
Main: New sound ure (like in pure) point to someone and say the sound. 
Can you say the sound ure in different voices?
Practise writing the sound ure in the air, other ways you practise, make the sound with playdough or craft materials you may have at home. Please send us photographs!
Wednesday complete the ure practise activity below.
Warm up!
Sing the alphabet song (the one we sing in class or use the link below)
Can you say random letters and sounds when your grown up points to them?
Main: Can you practise reading/writing tricky words?
Remember 'tricky' words are words we can't sound out and those you take a picture of to remember. Watch the link below.
Warm up- Complete the sentence substitution activity below.
Main: New Sound 'er' say it move your arms around, rotating in front of you. 
Say the sound 'er' in different voices.
Can you read the words below to practise the sound some more.
Wednesday's 'ure' activity

Ure-sound-activity-mat- Wednesday 

Phase 3 phonics Monday- Read the yes/no Questions
Click on the link to practise your reading

Sing/Watch the Alphabet Thursday Warm up!
Click on the link to hear the alphabet song

Tricky Words- Thursday
Click on the link to see and hear the tricky word songs

Friday's Warm up- sentence Substitution
Click on the link to read the sentences
Phase 2 activities for week commencing 01/03/21
Monday -  Warm up - Can you make some cvc words with the following phonemes in them - s,a,t,p,i,n. For example, sit, sat, pin, pan. 
Main activity - Can you read the cvc words on todays powerpoint from the website. Can you write some sentences using the words you have read. 
Tuesday - Warm up - Can you write some cvc words with the following phonemes- m, d, g, o ,c and k. For example, dog, cog. 
Main activity - Can you look at Tuesdays yes/no reading cards. This is a reading activity using our phase 2 phonemes. Read the sentences and you have to decide if its a yes or a no.
Wednesday - live lesson. Our Focus today will be phase 2 tricky words I, no, go, to, the and into.
Main activity - Can you write three sentences - remembering full stops, capital letters and finger spaces, using our phase 2 tricky words. 
Thursday - Warm up - Can you write some cvc words using the phonemes ck, h, b,ll e, u and r.
Main activity - Today we are going to be reading tricky words. Please can you read the sheet on the website and then you have to underline all of our tricky words - I, no, go, to, the and into.
Friday - warm up - Can you practice writing the tricky words I, no, go, to, the and into?
Main activity - Today we will be using all of the phonemes we have learnt. We are going to be reading sentences with all of our phase 2 phonemes in them. Please open the powerpoint for Friday and have a go at reading some of the sentences. 
Phase 2 Phonics activities for Week Commencing 01/03/21

Phase 2 Thursday Tricky word reading.pdf 

Phase 2 Friday reading sentences..pptx 

Phase 2 Monday reading cvc words.pptx 

Phase 2 phonics Friday reading comprehension.pdf 

Phase 2 Tuesday Yes or no reading cards.pdf 
This week's (1.3.21) RE Task:
Please talk about Lent together you can use the power point below to support this discussion.
Task: Using the outline below, think of something you could give up for Lent or something extra you could carry out, for example, help with something at home like 'tidy your bedroom'.
Once you have thought of your idea, draw or write this on to the outline.
We will be putting everyone's ideas together to make a display for Lent. Please send us these through class dojo.
Many thanks for your support. 
Other RE work to complete:
When we gather together in church what do we see?
Use the pictures below to help, draw, collage, or make a church showing the things you might see.
For example, alter, priest, singing hymns, sign of peace. :)
Busy work for week commencing 01/03/21



Busy work - chick hatching video.pptx 

busy work - draw the petals on the flowers.pdf 

busy work - frog pencil tracing.pdf 

Busy work - make a toilet roll frog.pdf 

Busy work - shape chick.pdf 

Busy work - spring cutting shape practice.pdf 

busy work -dot to dot using numbers to 10.pdf