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Week Commencing 22nd February

Our timetable for Week Commencing 22/02/21

Phase 3 Phonics Activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 22nd February


Monday- Warm up!

Can you think of three words that have the following sounds in them?

ch, sh, th, ng.

Can you think of sentences for your words?

Main focus: Practise the ear sound, say it and touch your ear.

Talking as a robot can you write some ear words?

Challenge yourself to think of a sentence for your ear words, for example, It has been hot this year. 


Tuesday- Warm up!

Quick read the captions.


tools in the shed

ships in the port

boats on the river

fish and chips on a dish


Main: Practise the 'air' sound say it, write in the air, how many times can you write the sound in 2 minutes? (for this you can make it using playdough, messy play such as foam, paint or craft) Display it around the house to see and practise. 

Complete the air phoneme spotter story activity.


Wednesday- Warm up!

Set out 4 hoops, baskets or containers labelling them with the digraphs, ch, sh, ng, ai.

Use the pictures from the class page cut out and put them with the correct sound, for example ring with ng.


Main focus- Practise the tricky word was. Explain that this is a 'tricky' word that we have to remember and that we can't sound it out.

Practise writing it together. Can you make a poster of the word was. For the tricky part of was (highlighted in red), can you give this part of the word a different colour or texture? For example you can write the w with a felt tip then decorate the a and the s in foil, sand, pipe cleaners.

Display this where you will see if often and practise reading it.


Thursday- Warm up! Sentence substitution 


Change the sentence using the words underneath in bold:


The sheep are in the shed.


bedroom          farmyard             cars             wait


Main focus: recap by reading was and thinking of a sentence for the word was. 

Recap over the sounds, ar, or and ur. Practise saying the sounds and doing the actions ar open mouth wide for the doctor to check your throat, or donkey ears and ur move arms around and make the sound.

Can you think of 3 words for each sound? Challenge yourself to write a sentence for one of your words above.


Friday- Warm Up! 


Read the sentences below. Can you find the digraphs you know in the text and practise saying them before you begin your reading?


In the Woods

Chip the dog runs to the woods.

He is looking for rabbits but sees a fox.

The fox sees him and rushes off to its den.

Chip dashes after it but cannot see it.

He feels sad and runs back to his kennel.


Main Focus: Can you write sentences that begin with I can...

for example I can hop, jump, run.

Draw a picture to go with your sentences.



Phase 2 activities for week commencing 22/02/21


Monday -  Warm up - Can you practice writing you s,a,t,p,i and n. 


Main activity - Today we are going to be looking at 'l' and 'll. We know the ll digraph doesn't come at the beginning of words but is often at the end - eg bell, will, full. Can you complete both of Monday's activities focusing on the l and ll sounds. 


Tuesday - Warm up - Can you practice writing m, d, g, o ,c and k. 


Main activity - Today we are looking at the 'ss' digraph. It often comes at the end of words such as fuss, mess. Can you complete Tuesdays activity sheet where you cut and stick 'ss' words. 


Wednesday - live lesson. Our Focus today will be 'h' and 'b'. 


Main activity - Can you write a shopping list of things you could buy that begin with h and b. If it is a long word, use your robot arms and see which sounds you could hear. For example, you could buy a house or a banana. 


Thursday - Warm up - Can you practice the formation of ck, e, u and r.


Main activity - Today we are looking at the 'f' and 'ff' sound. The 'ff' digraph doesn't come at the beginning but is found at the end of words such as fluff and cuff. Can you complete Thursday's activities.


Friday - warm up - Can you practice the formation of h,b,f,ff,l,ll and ss. Can you make each sound with play dough?


Main activity - Today we are recapping all of the phonemes we have covered this week. Can you think of words that contain h,b,f,ff,l,ll and ss? Can you write a list. There is also a sheet for Friday to recap our learning.