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Week Commencing 25th January

Welcome to our Learning for next week (WC: 25th January)


Our Math focus will be Measuring and Weighing.

Our Literacy/Topic focus will be Pets. We will read stories Kipper's New Pet and Oi Dog! We will learn about our own Pets or Pets we would like, practise rhyme and writing a rhyming sentence for a chosen animal and where it would live. 


You will find this week's home learning timetable below.

Any questions please let us know. 

Our Home Learning Timetable for Week Beginning- 25th January 2021

Monday's phonics- 25/1/21

Watch the clip below.

Can you think of any words with the 'ai' sound in them? Can you write them?

Use your robot arms to sound talk the words. Example words, tail, rain, pain, paint, again.

Challenge-Write a simple sentence with an 'ai' word in it, for example, The boat had a big sail.

Tuesday's phonics 26/1/21

Lesson focus say the 'ee' sound ( jolly phonics action donkey's ears on top of your head saying ee/or). Write ee in different ways, write on your back, make it out of playdough, or craft bits.

Can you write some words that contain the 'ee' sound? (examples, weep, sheep, cheek, sweet)

Use your robot arms to sound them out first.

Challenge: Can you write a simple sentence with an 'ee' word in it, eg, The queen had a seed in her teeth. Don't forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.

Other busy work activities you could try at home- 25/1/21

Activity 1

Encourage your child to make an animal house, be as creative as you like, what do you have around the house that you can construct with?

Activity 2

Create a garden with collage bits and bobs you have around the house. Can you make a garden that has the different pets you would find outside?

Activity 3

Can you create some long snakes using beads and laces?

Activity 4

Talk about different board games you have played, for example snakes and ladders hungry hippos. 

Play a board game of your choice, can you tell your grown up how to play the game?

Talk about taking turns.

REMEMBER- please send us photographs of your activities through class dojo