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Week Commencing 4th January

Home learning Week Beginning: Monday 4th January 2021

Key Vocabulary we will be using in our learning this week:

Literacy: story, title, sequence, beginning, middle, end, first, next, then, finally, bear, speech bubbles, animal, Christmas, presents, holidays, food, gifts.

Maths: counting, count 1 to 1, 1-10, amount


Literacy focus: This week we will be reading the story Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see?


Listen to the story together either by reading the book if you have it or listening to it on youtube.


Literacy Tasks for you to complete:


Sequencing of the story using the cards

Talk about your favourite animal from the story and why.


Draw your own animal then write a sentence with the following structure 'I can see a ... looking at me. Encourage your child to write 'I can see a' as independently as possible. 


Practise writing name, forming letters correctly this could be your first name or your full name.

Work through the phonics activities below.

Practise sounds, choose from the phase 2/3 sound mat. 

Use the jolly phonics action/song to help say the sound and practise writing the sound too.


Talk about your favourite Christmas experiences/toys.

Can you write a letter to Santa to say thank you?


Look at the animals and information about animals around the World see below.

Look at books or information about your favourite animals what can you find out?

Where do they live?

What do they look like?

Important information eg, fast runner?

Do they have a pattern? if so why?


Maths learning:

Our Learning focus: Can you count amounts from a larger group?

Watch the links for maths on this page showing how to count carefully.


Choose one of the activity sheets to complete to practise your counting.


Complete the maths challenge cards


Practise counting and matching to amounts

Thursday/ Friday practise number formation.


Music and movement: (Complete throughout the week)

Sing and dance to animal boogie (can be found on youtube)


listen to 'walking through the jungle' (can be found on you tube barefoot books)


Creative: (Complete throughout the week, see pictures below)

Can you make a bear mask? 

You could use a paper plate, or card and cut into a circle. Attach the parts of the face.

Can you make/print/ paint footprints for your favourite animal?

Can you make an indoor or outdoor den? What do you have in your house that you could use blankets, cushions, poles.

Paint the animals from the story of brown bear, can you mix colours together to get the one that you need?