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Week Commencing 8th February

Our Home Learning Timetable for Week Beginning Monday 8th February

Useful links for WC: 8th February

  • Phonics PlayPractise your digraphs and play the buried treasure game.

  • Pick a Picture!Choose phase 2 or 3 and practise blending the word and find the picture to match!

Literacy Activities for Week Commencing: Monday 8th February

Maths Activities for Week Beginning: Monday 8th February

Phase 3 Phonics Week beginning Monday 8th February


Monday Phonics Warm up Idea! 

Play Countdown

How many of the words can you read in 30 seconds? keep practising those digraphs. :)


















Monday's 'Tricky word Practise

Recap the reading of: I, no, go, into, the, to.

Can your child quick write these words as an extra challenge?


Choose one of the bingo boards below and practise reading the words on it, remember a tricky word doesn't sound how it is spelt, for example the word he only has one 'e' not 'ee'.

Play bingo with the boards choose a counter card, taking turns cover and match the words reading them together and putting them into a short sentence.


If you are unable to print these out, then please don't worry they can be handwritten too! :)

Monday's Tricky Word Bingo

Tuesday's Phonics Warm up! (9th February)


Can you write the sounds large, ch, o, p, i, n, m, u, sh, ee?

Then with your family can you put the sounds together either on the table or stand up holding the large sounds in front of you to make words for example person 1: ch      person 2: i       person 3:p, don't forget to stand next to the correct sound.

We can't wait to see the words that you have made send them to us on dojo! Have fun! :)


Main focus and new sound: 'ur' move your arms around and make an ur sound like a washing machine, word examples burn, fur, turn. Can you make the 'ur' sounds in lots of different ways?

You could use sand, craft, playdough. 

Wednesday's Phonics Focus 'ow'- 10th February


Click on the link to become familiar with saying the 'ow' sound and words that contain this sound.

Continue to practise any sounds that you are finding tricky using the phonics play link at the top of the page!

  • 'ow' practiseHow many 'ow' words can you think of after watching this clip?

Thursday 10th February- Practise the 'oi' sound, say it, write it then can you read the words and reveal the picture?

Phase 2 phonics - week commencing 08/02/21

Phase 2 additional activities:


Monday: Today's focus is the phoneme 'u'. Can you have a go at forming the phoneme with things you can find around the house. This could  be clothes, shoes, paint, shaving foam, lego - be as creative as you like!


Tuesday: Today we are going to be reading cvc words with the u phoneme in them. Once you are confident reading them can you cut the word away and have a go at matching them back together. If you can do this can you have a go at writing some sentences or captions with the words in them?


Wednesday: Our live session today is going to focus on the 'r' phoneme. Can you hunt around your house for anything that begins with a 'r'? Can you take a picture and then write a list of what you found. Listen carefully to see what other sounds you can hear in the word. 


Thursday: Today we will be focussing on the tricky word booklet. This builds on the word we were doing last week on tricky words. We cannot sound out tricky words, you just have to know them. Once you have completed the booklet can you write some captions or sentences with tricky words in them?


Friday: Today we will recap the phonemes we have recently covered - ck, e u and r. I would like you to make some 'silly soup' using pictures you have drawn or printed using these phonemes. You will need a big bowl and wooden spoon to stir your pretend silly soup. You will put in pictures you have drawn or printed of different items beginning with a particular phoneme. For example, if you were making silly soup with items beginning with 'r' you could put in a rat, a ram, a rug, a rag and a rugby ball. If your silly soup begins with an e you could put in an egg and an elephant. 


Whilst stirring your soup you would sing:


"we're making lots of silly soup, 

we're making soup that's silly,

we're going to put it in the fridge,

to make it nice and chilly!"

Our Busy Work Section for Week Beginning: Monday 8th February

Can you practise one of the activities?

PE with Mr C


Painting Activity

Draw or paint a picture of a butterfly. What colours do you need? What different parts do you need to draw? Talk to an adult about your picture.