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smiley Welcome to York's Class page! smiley

We are the totally terrific year threes!
We are friendly, hardworking and always keen to learn.

Take a look at our class page to see what we have been doing this year!

You can also explore our 'Gallery' section under the 'children' tab at the side to learn more and see more photos of us!


The Summer Holidays are upon us and we wish you all a fabulous break.

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of you this year and we will truly miss you all!!!
Keep safe over the summer and I wish you all the best in year 4!
Thanks again for a fab year!
Mrs Richmond and Miss Evans 

 Final Homework as a Year 3 – 23.7.14
Your Task is to share our class webpage with friends and family over the holidays. When we come back in September it will all be deleted ready for the next York Class. You have all worked super hard this year and have done many wonderful things to be really proud of.
So celebrate what you’ve been doing by sharing the class page with as many people as you can, print any photos that you want to keep, print any activities that you want to try out and explore the online web links and games. There’s lots on here that will keep you, your friends and family busy over the holidays on those wet, rainy days!

York's Wonderful Wildlife Webpage

Hello and welcome to our webpage which is all about wildlife. Our topic this term has been all about plants and animals. We have really enjoyed exploring and finding out about our topic. We've created this webpage to help others learn more about wildlife in Britain.

Below you will be able to read about what we've been up to in school and activities that you can try at home. You will be able to read our wildlife blogs and see our photo gallery. We will show you ways of helping wildlife at home and then you can explore the web links that we have attached at the bottom of the page. 

Hope you enjoy our amazing webpage!

by Emily and Carmen

Friday 4th April 2014

A big Congratulations to all children in year 3 & 4! It has been a spectacular week of Easter Performances. We have all been impressed with your super singing, dancing, acting and behaviour throughout. Many people have commented about your super talents and really enjoyed watching you retell the Easter story so well.
You have made school really proud!!!

The photos of the performances are on the 'Gallery' section of the website for all to see. 

Hope you all have a great Easter break!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you back safe for our final term in year 3! 


Wednesday 2nd April 2014

We all came dressed in blue today for the National Autistic Awareness Day. Part of the day was also dedicated to learning all about children's Rights and Responsibilities. Our class focused on;

Every child has the right to special care for special needs. 

We also learnt that it is;

our respobsibility to be the best we can be. 

We enjoyed reading a story about the tiny acorn that grew into an enormous Oak Tree. After, we watched a time lapse video of a growing Oak tree, which can take over 150 years! Together we painted a large tree to remind us that it is important to have high aspirations like the tiny acorn in our story. We then wrote our big aims and aspirations for ouselves on the Oak Tree Leaves. You will soon be able to see our finished tree on display in the hall! 

Friday 21st March 2014

Wow! We have had a very busy Science Week and we love doing science in our class! Our 'Big Science Question' is; "How can we protect plants and animals for the future?" We have enjoyed researching and exploring endangered animals from around the world and looking at what we can do to help save these animals from extinction. Did you know that 80% of the world's habitat is deep down in our seas? 

 We also looked at how scientists record the population of these animals to help inform them when they might become endagered. So we carried out a 'Mark and Recapture' experiment using pasta. Take a look at some of our investigation photos! You can also take a look at our Mad Science Photos, where we are building robots for our Jitterbug battles!

We are really looking forward to the summer term as we will be continuing our 'Big Science Question' in our new science topic, which is all about Plants and Animals.

Here is a little taster of what we will be doing: We will be carrying out our own caterpillar search using the methods we've learnt already. We are then going to try and hatch our own butterflies! Once our butterflies have hatched, we will make our own butterfly feeders to help attract more butterflies to our school grounds.

We will also be taking part in a very exciting Bug Watch and we will make and maintain our own class wormery, which we know helps plants to grow.

Later on in the term we will make a Team Trail, which is like a treausre hunt for ants! We can't wait for that!
And lastly, of course, we will be growing our own vegetables and plants to sell at the summer fair.

As you can see, York Class and Eco Club are doing our very best to help protect plants and animals for the future. So please keep an eye on our class page over the summer as we will give you tips on how you too, at home, can do more to help!!!

Tuesday 11th March 2014

We presented our Excitingly Energetic Egyptian Assembly to the rest of the school and parents today! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Egyptians and are a little sad that our topic is coming to an end!  Everyone was super proud of our confidence, subject knowledge and over all presentation of our assembly. They particularly enjoyed our live mummification during our performance!

Unfortunately, due to technical faults we don't have any pictures to show you from our class assembly but we have put a few pictures from our fun pyramid building afternoon. You can also take a look at our Assembly PowePoints that we used for our assembly at the bottom of our class page and there is also Maya and Dylan's; 'Story of Moses' PowerPoint, for you take a look at and enjoy reading! 

Thursday 6th March 2014

Today we celebrated World Book Day! We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite characters, sharing our favourite books and taking part in a variety of fun games and activities all linked to children's books, for instance we enjoyed designing our bookmarks for the World Book Day Fest competition and we also had lots of fun playing the Mr Stink Game! We definitely love books in our class!

 Have a look at our pictures below so you can see our wonderful character costumes!!! 

Friday 22nd November 2013

Alex P and Maddy won Star Writer this week for their super Newspaper reports about David and Goliath. Joehas made super progress during Daily Practice in MMS. I can tell you've been practicing your x tables!!!Freddie received the Good Work Award this week for his super effort and focus that he has put into all of his work! Keep working hard Freddie, Top man! Harvey you are a great role-model for your friends. You have been sitting really beautifully in class and have been showing super listening skills. Thank you :)

Friday 15th November 2013

Harrison won the Star Writer award this week for his awesome Autumn Trail explanation. Mr Harrison spotted Emily and Simon working hard in maths and Literacy this week which is why he chose to give them the Good Work Award. Mrs Evans spotted super courtesy and good manners from Arran. Steve impressed the dinner ladies with great helpfulness and courtesy. Lucy H was spotted for her super coordinates work in MMS this week! 

Friday 8th November 2013

WOW YEAR 3! Our classroom is full of trophies of certificates this week!

Joel and Dylan were chosen for the MMS award because they both have made super progress with their arithmetic skills. Mrs Kelly was really proud of you Dylan! Molly T, Freddie, Dylan and Callum were chosen for Star Writer's because they wrote fabulous firework poems on the computer. Mrs Haslam also spottedHollie and chose her for her fire work poem too. Steve won the Courtesy Award this week because he has been really helpful and hardworking with Mrs Evans during their Switch-on reading sessions in the mornings.Leah and Molly T's super helpfulness and kindness at lunchtime was noticed by the dinner ladies, which is why they were chosen for the Lunch Time Award. I gave the whole class the Good Work Award this week for the incredible effort that they put into their Bonfire Assembly. Mr Harrison also chose to give his Good Work Award to the whole class again for the wonderful firework poems that he couldn't believe were written by year 3 children. Well done guys Mr Harrison was super impressed! He was also super impressed with Arranthis week which is why he gave him the Head teacher's Courtesy Award.


Friday 11th October 2013

Congratulations Freya A and Simon. You both got the Star Writers Award this week for your wonderful letters from St Paul. You really thought about the importance of God's love and how we should love one another and forgive one another as God asks us to. The Courtesy Award went to Emily this week. You are always a great help around the classroom, asking to do jobs and helping your friends when they are struggling with their work. This week the Maths Makes Sense Award went to Lucy H. You are really getting to grips with telling the time, something lots of us find really tricky! William you were given the Good Work Award this week for your super dictionary skills. You have been working really hard with correcting your spellings and finding out the meanings of words. Keep up the hard work everyone!

Friday 4th October 2013

What another great week year 3! Lots of awards were given out in today's celebration assembly! We are all very impressed with York class. Well done Carmen, the dinner ladies spotted your super effort at lunch times this week, which is why you have been chosen for the Golden Table. Well done to Molly T, you were chosen for the Courtesy Award because you've been a super helper with the tidying up - A great floor detective! Leahyou were chosen for the Good Work Award this week because you impressed with your science work. You have really learnt lots about your teeth! Ellie and Maddy were chosen for the MMS awards this week. Ellie I was impressed with the amount of number 1's you have earned this week in your book and you blew me away with your doubles understanding to 50. Callum and Mollie H were both chosen for the star writers wall because I really enjoyed reading your 'Colour of Home' stories. I saw lots of fab adjectives, openers and cool connectives in your writing. If you would like to read their stories then come take a look on our Star Writers Wall in the hall! Well done to all of you. Keep it up! 

Friday 27th September 2013

All though many of us are still recovering from the camp trip, you have all produced some fab work this week. Congratulations Carmen, Dylan, Charlie and Isabelle, you were all chosen for your amazing ICT/RE work you did this week. I'm really proud to put up your outstanding pieces of work on our Star Writers Wall. The courtesy award went to Freya.C this week. You always sit beautifully, listen well and help others, something I really appreciate, thank you Freya! Alex.P you impressed me with your art skills this week. You worked hard to improve your sketching and shading skills so that's why you won the Good Work Award. Orla, I was super impressed with your 3x table knowledge that's why you won the MMS trophy. Keep up the great work! Mrs Kelly was also super impressed with Maya's hard work in maths this week, which is why she chose to give Maya her MMS trophy. Congratulations guys!!! 

Monday 23rd September 2013

Hope you've all recovered from camping at the weekend? I had lots of fun and thank you to so many people that helped put-up and take-down tents. I'm still humming the many songs and retelling the funny stories. Because of the fantastic behaviour and good manners on Friday you have all earned the courtesy award this week, so well done campers! Mollie. H you were chosen for the good work award this week because you really impressed with your super descriptive sentences in Literacy. Steve you won star writer for your fantastic thanksgiving prayer you wrote in RE. Arran you deserved the Maths Makes Sense trophy this week for the super effort you put into calculating the distances of the towns, and using vertical add and take-away for the tricky questions.
Well done everyone, keep up the super work!

Friday 13th September 2013

What a fantastic first week! Joel worked really hard with his big writing this week, which meant he won star writer. Josh won Courtesy Award because he has been super polite and helpful this week. Matty impressed with his understanding of verbs this week, so he was given the Good Work Award. Well done to everyone to settling back into school so superbly. I can tell we are going to have a great year!