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Welcome to York Class!

Take a look at what we get up to in Year Three!

Our Trip To West Midlands Safari Park

Eggcellent Easter Bonnets

Our Classroom Prayer Area for Holy Week

British Science Week

Monday 14th March 2016 - Friday 18th March 2016


We're having another fun-filled week of learning. This week is British Science Week and Mrs Harrison has been working hard to organise lots of Science based activities for us. The week started with an assembly, during which Mrs Harrison introduced the week. The assembly was really interactive and got all the children up on their feet to act out the science of washing up. We discovered that water alone could not clean the grease from Mrs Grimes's and Mrs Brough's dirty plates; we needed to use a detergent. Some Year Six pupils were selected to become detergent molecules, which have a hydrophilic 'head' (which attaches itself to water molecules) and a hydrophobic 'tail' (which will attach itself to the grease). Take a look at some pictures below. 

On Tuesday 15th March, we all enjoyed a Science Activity Day. Each classroom was transformed into a laboratory. The Year Three classroom became the 'Chemistry Laboratory'. In the lab, we were focussing on the three main states of matter: solids, liquids and gasses. We started off by thinking of different examples of these and acted out how the particles in each state behave. Following this, we investigated three questions to explore the material properties of solids, liquids and gasses. The questions posed were: Can you pour a biscuit? Is this water moving? Can you make and trap a gas? We had lots of fun tackling these questions in a practical, hands-on way. Check out our science snaps! 

Mad Science Show


On Thursday 17th March, we were treated to a Mad Science Show. Chemical Charlie amazed us all by defying gravity, presenting colour changing liquids, foaming hands and steaming chemical reactions. I think we can all agree that Chemical Charlie saved the best experiment for the finale. The Mad Scientist explained that the Great Fire of London was started because of the flour that was in the air in the baker's shop. He then replicated this using a flame, an air pump and icing sugar. Take a look at the photos to see just how exciting it was. 

Autism Awareness Week

Monday 14th March 2016 - Friday 18th March 2016


To mark this week we have enjoyed special circle time activities. In talk partners, we discussed our similarities and differences and celebrated our differences. We decorated gingerbread men to show how we are all different. 

Roman Day

Tuesday 8th March 2016


What a fantastic day we've had, children! You all looked fantastic in your Roman costumes as you filed into the playground this morning (the teachers looked a little different too). We gave a big Priory welcome to Rufus from 'Portals to the Past' - he was on the lookout for recruits for his Roman army. In the afternoon, we were even subjected to military training. Rufus said he was mildly impressed by our progress - I suspect this is high praise. The focus of the Roman Workshop was gaining an insight into life in Britain under the Pax Romana as well as the wider empire. We also explored the dramatic change in the life style of even the lowliest of citizens after the arrival of the Roman legions and experienced the excitement of the games in the arena. We even got to handle real Roman artefacts and play some Roman board games. We hope you enjoy looking through the photographs.  

We all came dressed as book characters for World Book Day. Can you guess who we all are?

A few pictures from our Rocking Romans Assembly...

Making Our Lenten Promises

Our Afternoon with an Olympic Athlete

Friday 5th February 2016


This afternoon we were visited by Olympic Swimmer, Joe Roebuck. We had a fantastic (and sweaty) afternoon completing a circuit of four exercises: spotty dogs, leg drives, star jumps and press-ups. It all got very noisy as we cheered on our classmates. Later in the afternoon, Joe Roebuck led a whole school assembly in which he told us about his successful career. He gave some brilliant advice, telling us to work hard and never give up when working towards our dreams. A big thank you to Mrs Kelly for organising the afternoon. Check out the photographs below - even looking at them is exhausting! 

Testing Complete and Incomplete Circuits

Do you know how to make the perfect cup of tea? Well, we do! We wrote some fantastic instructions and then had a go at following them to make a 'milky brew'!

Explaining Electricity


We have started our new science topic, 'Exciting Electricity'. We have been exploring some very complex concepts, learning that when we refer to electricity, what we usually mean is electric current - the flow of an electric charge. We discussed how every solid, liquid and gas is made up of atoms, which are so tiny that you can only see them through an electron microscope. Every atom contains a nucleus with protons and neutrons, as well as electrons which orbit the nucleus. We discovered that protons have a positive electrical charge, electrons have a negative electrical charge and neutrons have no electrical charge. We took on the role of protons, neutrons and electrons to illustrate that, like magnetic poles, two positives or two negatives repel each other, while a positive and negative attract. Take a look at the pictures of this: 

Christmas Dinner Day!

Christmas Party Games