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Thursday 8th October - RE

Our next RE topic will be belonging. In preparation for this, have a think about what clubs or teams you belong to. Do those clubs or teams have rules? Why do they have those rules?


How can someone make you feel like you belong? How can you make someone new to the class, for instance, feel like they belong?


If you have any pictures you would like to share of you as part of a team or club, you may bring these in on Monday for our first RE lesson back.


Thank you,

Miss Fitzpatrick

Tuesday 6th October - topic

For topic today, design a leaflet about Eastwood for someone who has never visited, letting them know what they could do here.

You might include:

  • DH Laurence house
  • Shops
  • Church (Our Lady of Good Counsel)
  • School
  • Parks
  • Ikea + Giltbrook Shopping Park

If you have access to a printer, you could print pictures out, otherwise you could draw and decorate the leaflet yourself.

Lesson Zoom Calls

Links and passwords have been sent out via Dojo for tomorrow's first set of Zoom lessons (Friday 2nd October). We will be working on Monday's maths work in advance of them completing the sheets independently.


If you have not received a link, or the time is unsuitable, please let me know through Dojo. I have split the class into 3 groups so the children have as useful a lesson as possible.


Thank you for all the support you are showing at this time,

Miss Fitzpatrick

Initial Zoom Call

A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to facilitate children going on the Zoom call this morning, it was lovely to see all their faces and I know lots of parents are having to do this around working from home.

A recap of what was discussed:
The children will be off until the 8th October as this was 14 days after their last contact with the positive case of Covid. If children develop symptoms they should be tested as usual, if it comes back positive then the whole family will need to isolate and the pupil will have to isolate for a further 10 days from the onset of symptoms, even if this pushes them past the 8th October.

During our time off, I will be setting work on the class website. This will be 1 literacy and maths a day and a different topic daily. The literacy and maths will now be split into an easier/middle/harder sheet, which should cover most pupils. If the work is too challenging or not challenging enough, let me know and I am happy to send related work through Dojo.

I am going to be splitting the class in 3 to make the lesson Zoom calls more manageable. I am happy to do these after school hours if this works better for families who are juggling work. I will send a message out to see what works best for the majority of people. The Zoom calls will hopefully start Friday.

I fully understand lots of families are juggling working from home and so less work will be completed and children may not be able to make Zoom calls, this is understandable, and we will be recapping when we return to school.

Kind regards,
Miss Fitzpatrick

Update - 28/09/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you so much for the support you have all shown over the past 4 weeks as the children have returned to the new normal. For the rest of this week, work will be set daily here on the website, with reminders on Class Dojo. Daily literacy and maths will be set, as well as one piece of topic per day. For our first day, this will be science.


This will be a mixture of new work and revision of previously taught concepts. I understand this is another challenge and will endeavour to be as available as possible on Class Dojo for anyone who would like assistance.


The aim is to have a more formal learning environment set up next week.


Thank you again for your support and cooperation as we continue to work through this difficult time,

Miss Fitzpatrick